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Elite Dangerous: Horizons 2.3 “The Commanders” BETA Patch Notes



New Content & Features (Horizons)

Commander Creator

  • Commander creator UI added
  • Player avatars used in ship cockpits
  • Commander creator exists within the player’s cockpit
  • Added holographic effect for commander avatars (when they are not physically present)
  • Hooked up the player avatar display to the comms panel and the commander history, so now chat messages will have a picture of the senders avatar next to them
  • We don’t have a default avatar use one of the presets randomly instead
  • Added Holo-Me option to cockpit Status Panel
  • Added Holo-Me shortcut to Startport Services screen, as well as including player’s current commander profile image.
  • Added 50 male and female preset commanders
  • Added feature presets for Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Ears, Jawline and Neck
  • Added zoom in with altered FOV for close ups in commander creator when playing without VR
  • Added custom mode for commander creator close ups in VR
  • Added randomise options to most feature categories in Commander Creator
  • Added Undo/Redo to Commander Creator
  • Group flight suits into collections to avoid top level list getting huge
  • Updated cockpit chairs to allow for more elbow movement
  • Fix avatar specular baking behaviour (it wasn’t saving the output so it would simply replace its contents)
  • Added beards!
  • Added 14 new hairstyles
  • Expanded number of skin tones to 8 for each head type
  • Added “rough” female base head type
  • Refreshed all hair assets to get them ready for commander creator
  • Additional avatar morph options for nose bridge, profile, tip and tip angle
  • Added avatar morph options for eye angle, width and upper eye fold
  • Added morph option for upper lip profile
  • Added jaw angle and depth options
  • Added chin width and prominence options
  • Hair shader improvements
  • Avatar eyes now use correct environment map
  • Fixed some incorrect skinning on the female pilot suit
  • Added chin cleft options
  • Added transparent and opaque versions of the helmet
  • Added rank shoulder patches, unlocked with rank
  • Added faction and pirate shoulder patches
  • Added freckles, moles and pock marks to skin details
  • Added Milky eye type
  • Added fresnel shader to helmet glass to give the transparent version more definition
  • Added a selection of eyeliner, blusher and lipstick options.


The Division: 1.6 Patch Notes


Expansion 3: Last Stand

Please note that you must own the Last Stand DLC to gain access to this content. Last Stand is available on February 28 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.
Last Stand game mode

  • SHD tech data relays loaded with operational information were left behind in the Dark Zone when the JTF was forced to withdraw. Rogues have targeted these data relays and are attempting to access what is inside. Engage in 8 versus 8 PvP combat and secure the data before the Rogues can.
  • Fight to control three key tactical locations on one of 4 Dark Zone maps.
  • In order to capture a tactical location, the team will need to control three objectives inside the location. Once the tactical location is secured, the team will begin scoring points.
  • First team to reach the max score wins.
  • To help propel their team to victory, players can activate powerful fortifications and SHD tech tactical boosts.

New Incursion – Lost Signal

  • Lost Signal takes place in a civilian TV Broadcast center taken over by the infamous Rikers gang.
  • Players will venture into three different wings and face unique combat scenarios. Each encounter is meant to push players to play tactically and make the best use of their builds.
  • All wings bring their own challenges and rewards; completing all of them will unlock the final boss fight and the strongest opposition yet.

Update 1.6

The following content, changes, and bug fixes are available free for everyone. Update 1.6 is available on February 28 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Game Changes

Dark Zone map expansion

  • Explore three new areas to the north of the Dark Zone. Engage powerful enemies and discover the dangers hiding around every corner.

Dark Zone Leaderboards

  • Earn rewards in the Dark Zone by participating in weekly and monthly activities tracked via the new Dark Zone leaderboards.
  • See how you stack up against other players in the Dark Zone on leaderboard activities that reset and change every week and month. All the tracked weekly and monthly activities count towards your total score. The higher your score, the better rewards you will earn when the leaderboards reset!

Dark Zone Contamination Events

  • The pockets of virus contamination in the subways below the Dark Zone are festering and becoming even more deadly. Cleaners have been attracted to the rising contamination. Players must manage their health as the virus eats away at their filter while battling against powerful Cleaners. Clear each Dark Zone subway of Cleaners to earn extra rewards.

Legendary difficulty

  • Pit yourself against elite LMB forces equipped with superior gear and advanced tactics.
  • Legendary difficulty strips missions of all narrative and focuses purely on combat scenarios.
  • Each Legendary mission has a single checkpoint, about halfway through.
  • Legendary difficulty is only available in World Tier 5.
  • Available missions: Napalm Production Site, WarrenGate Power Plant, Times Square Power Relay.

More options for character customization

  • Explore all new ways of customizing your agent, with weapon skins, backpack skins, new clothing sets and emotes!
  • Visit the Premium Vendor in The Terminal to unlock premium vanity content; stocks update weekly so check back regularly!


Star Citizen Patch v2.6.1

Star Citizen Patch v2.6.1

Welcome to 2.6.1! This patch is primarily dedicated to bug fixes, targeting Star Marine and Arena Commander in particular. However we also have made some quality of life improvements for the game, updates to Spectator Mode, and new implementations of our ongoing network code updates.

Your launcher should show “2.6.1-506099” as the client version. It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Live client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Cloud Imperium Games\StarCitizen\Public.

Please review our current list of Patch 2.6.1 Known Issues, and take full advantage of our Issue Council area of the Community site to report any bugs you encounter, as well as contribute to other players submissions.

Important Issues:

    • For users encountering GPU Related crashes on NVIDIA cards, please ensure that you have performed a clean driver installation of driver version 378.66!
    • The “Contacts List” button on the Universe page does not work.
    • Hangar flair item are not persisting through client restarts.
    • Players may experience excessive desync when interacting with the Greycat Buggy.

New Features

Game Systems:

Arena Commander Balance Changes

  • To unify scoring with Star Marine, player kills are now scored separately to Vehicle Damage.
  • Revenge kills and Resurgence awards have been removed from Arena Commander for the moment.
  • Lowered the spawn rate of pirates in Pirate Swarm slightly to provide a less drastic difficulty curve.
  • Improved the weapons issued to the Aces in Pirate Swarm mode.
  • The number of missiles and countermeasures awarded from pickups in Arena Commander game modes have been lowered.
  • Only currently dead players will be resurrected after a boss wave in Multiplayer Pirate or Vanduul Swarm, no additional lives will be provided.
    • This is to better balance the modes now that repair and restock pickups are available in the game mode.
  • Suicide in Arena Commander now carries a score of -200 points.
  • Updated the shields and fuel for the Constellation variant in Pirate Swarm.

Star Marine Balance Changes

  • Revenge kills and Resurgence awards have been removed from Star Marine for the moment.
  • In-match loadout customization is now implemented!
    • During a Star Marine match, while your character is dead, you will have the option to change out your loadout before respawning.
  • Additional dialog lines during matches have been added.
  • FPS weapons have received a balance pass to improve viability.
  • Added a +25 Hemorrhage scoring bonus for causing another player to bleed.
    • This bonus is not awarded if you cause yourself to bleed.
  • Multiple changes have been made to both OP Station Demien and Echo Eleven maps.
    • These changes are to help prevent spawn camping and balance times between control points, as well as plugging up exploits.


  • In-game leaderboards are now implemented for both Arena Commander and Star Marine, so you can now review your standings in any given game mode within the game client!


Spectator Mode and Camera Changes

  • With 2.6.1, we have made vast improvements to camera behavior and now allow players to enter our Pure Spectator Mode.
  • Pure Spectator Mode can now be entered through Private lobbies by starting a match by checking the “Join as Spectator” box next at the bottom of the screen.
  • There are new cinematic submodes available to Spectator Mode, including First Person View and Focused Action Cam.
  • Cinematic cameras, in and out of Pure Spectator Mode, should now better align with the player you are watching.
    • This includes ensuring your target is facing upright, and behaving appropriately when encountering walls or barriers.
  • Cameras should now properly Save and Load views regardless of map or mode type excluding Crusader.
  • Advanced Camera Controls have been improved to be more precise and smoother in transition.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not move or adjust their camera if they died while exiting their ship.
  • Made saving and loading of cameras persist between game sessions.