Elite Dangerous: Horizons – Guardians Update

Elite Dangerous - Horizons

Greetings Commanders,

The developers have been hard at work and you’ll notice that the servers and going down now for a new update coming to Elite Dangerous.

Here’s the change log, enjoy!


PC and Xbox One

  • – Physics crash fix when disconnecting on entering a location
  • – Xbox One: Fix terrain flattening so planet ports do not appear underground
  • – Fix for client and server disagreeing about whether a jet cone boost is active and kicking the player
  • – Fix a crash writing to the player journal with an invalid station type when docking
  • – Fix low level network hang
  • – Crash fix when swapping to an SRV
  • – Update the maths around hyperspacing to a Neutron star with jet cones to properly deal with avoiding said cones, also push the arrival distance for neutron stars back out a little to avoid running straight into the drop-out radius. Note that you’ll still hit them pretty fast, but not unfairly so as long as you’re on the ball
  • – Fix buggy refuel on dock
  • – Fixed Passenger mission bug where you are unable to take any missions due to a bug where abandoned / failed missions continue to take up space in the missions limit
  • – Fix for planetary mission generation
  • – Fix for incorrect passenger elite rank points
  • – Heavy frame loss and stuttering when deploying a AI fighter and thrusting downwards
  • – Stop the station from responding to crimes of the Passenger Wanted type
  • – Stop the ThankYouPassedStopAndSearch chatter line from playing when scanned by police while carrying an illegal passenger as they’re about to start attacking
  • – Target Body does not change after scanning the first beacon of a PassengerSightseeing mission that has multiple destinations
  • – Prevent a faction expanding twice when a conflict state overtakes an already ended expansion state
  • – Ensure a minimum amount of Combat rank progression is always awarded, even when the Commanders and NPC crew have a significantly higher rank than the losing pilot
  • – Fix transaction server error when restocking burst railguns and some other Engineer modifications
  • – Module storage reliability improvements
  • – NPC Crew Will Not Hold Position fixed
  • – More improvements to the automatic fixes that try to get a Commander into the game after an invalid location or loadout including storing modules that cause trouble
  • – Fix faction names in the Interstellar Factors contact screen being displayed as “NONE” when there are a large number of factions in the list
  • – The player journal entry for when docking at a station now reports the station faction economy, government, etc: (and the info on entering a starsystem names the properties as SystemEconomy, SystemGovernment etc to be explicit about what the values refer to)
  • – Fix journal entry when docking an ai fighter
  • – Orca tactical paintjobs fixed
  • – Fix to the Asp Pharaoh paintjob skus being switched
  • – Fix incorrect onionhead2 decal sku
  • – Always report a MaterialCollected event after MaterialDiscovered in the player journal
  • – Added a text line explaining more clearly the risk of carrying criminals
  • – If you have an illegal passenger, call this out in the status line. Only “Wanted” status trumps this
  • – Attempting to spend negative credits when refuelling fixed
  • – Add checks for ship validity to GetStoredItemsForSlot so that we only return items that can currently be fitted to a slot. This should stop multiple shield generators, refineries, fuel scoops and other assorted once only modules getting fitted via the storage tab
  • – Fix livery being accessible (in extenso, outfitting) when outfitting is actually not available in a starport