Elite Dangerous: Horizons – Guardians 2.2.01 Patch

Elite Dangerous - Horizons


Greetings Commanders,

We have a patch on the way today, we expect for the servers to be down for up to 30 minutes. The servers will go offline at 3PM BST. This is for the Desktop client, not the Xbox One client.

Below are the included changes.

  • Don’t crash if there’s invalid state in the powerplay map
  • Fix crash when looking at the role panel in the SRV
  • Protect against crash from an empty journal message
  • Prevent spinning ship while docked and using VR mode with Rift CV1
  • Fix a crash that can happen if the persistent POI generation runs before the planet surface controller is ready
  • Fixed SRV starting underground if the base is in a crater
  • Fix soft lock when entering installations when another player is already at the installation
  • When cannons, plasma accelerators and railguns malfunction, they now deal 5% of their own damage to themselves, rather than 200% which would instakill them
  • Civil wars now use the same structure as War/War Support to guarantee there is always at least one conflict zone in civil wars
  • Fix an issue with station guns not causing damage in some network conditions
  • Hunter hostiles now obey the same cooldown as normal NPCs to prevent instant interdictions
  • Fixed an issue where delivery and delivery founder missions were showing the wrong credit reward in the first transaction tab after you accept the mission
  • Fixed overhead per system being too large as it’s not counting fortified systems towards the number of systems that pay overheads
  • Materials do not drop from Fumaroles (or other persistent POIs) when multiple players are present fixed
  • Stop prosecuting crimes committed by dead Commanders
  • Fixed Commanders allowed to equip multiple fuel scoops, fighter bays, refineries and shield generators by retrieving a module from storage
  • Fixed some stored ships not being available within the Shipyard
  • Fighter Cockpit UI: removing useless indicators in the bottom right corner, leaving the component’s frame only for silent running and wanted status display
  • Added message when main ships power plant is malfunctioning will be displayed when player is in both main ship and fighter
  • Fine now given for shooting in no fire zone with a fighter
  • Lower panel shows SRV that isn’t owned fixed
  • Fixed missing targeting schematic images for the Satellites
  • Starport UI: fixing research panel (numeric stepper) not releasing focus when pressing left on a pad to get back to contacts menu (or back button)
  • Change order of string returned by GetLongLatString, to Lat then long to revert the order of the latitude and longitude readout on the hud to be the same as pre-2.2
  • Fixed missing Imperial Clipper vibrant paintjobs
  • Reduced module and ship transfer distance costs by 50%
  • Removed build watermark.