When RockFish Games started creating Everspace, I suspect they had a good solid plan to create an enjoyable, beautiful & almost retro style space shoot’em up.

Not only have they achieved this, they’ve created a game that I think the gamers of a certain age will yearn for.




If you’re like me & grew up in the late 70’s and 80’s around the time that video games were just starting then you’ll remember playing Space Invaders, Galaxian or Defender and thinking it was your chance to be a celestial guardian, defending your brethren from the alien invaders. Well in 30+ years since then, not much has changed in gamers mindset. They still want to be galaxy defenders, but instead of 2D sprites, it’s gorgeous 3D environments (thanks to UE4) that we would be rocket jockeys get to immerse ourselves in.


So what’s the premise of the game you ask?

You get 1 ship with a basic loadout & your task is to get to the end of seven sectors, which get progressively harder. On your travels you need to gather resources, blueprints, cash, containers and deal with Outlaws, Aliens invaders as well as annoying your Terran friends who might just have a juicy bit of kit you need. Oh and you need to get used to dying.

Dying? But, I don’t like dying!

Don’t worry! You will be reborn as a new Buck Rodgers, back at the beginning of Sector 1 but hopefully with money in your pocket to upgrade your ship to make traversing the galaxy a little bit easier, or at least allow you to die a bit further along.




Collecting resources might sound like there’s a crafting system involved and you’d be correct in that assumption. Upgrades to existing weapons, new weapons from blueprints or consumables that will help you survive that bit longer are all found in each sector, some just need more searching to find than others. Just don’t expect to spend hours on end looking for every single resource or container as those pesky Alien Interceptors turn up sooner or later.

The crafting seems like adaption of the upgrade system which we first saw in old sideways scrollers like R-type , and that’s no bad thing. Bolting on new weapons to your ship or finding a new craftable blueprint is so damn satisfying.  Adapting to the dangers you face means relying on crafting to help you deal with certain enemies or environmental anomalies that are hell bent on stifling your progress.




While you might think it sounds very short in terms of potential length of gameplay, you’d be wrong as this is where the dying, rinse, upgrade, repeat aspect comes into play. Not only does each Sector become progressively harder, they are also different each time so you won’t be facing the same enemies in the same place in the same environment which keeps things nice & spicy!

But that’s not to say that it’s not going to be a grind as clearing the early Sectors in a more powerful ship can feel time consuming, but as the game is still only in Beta at the time of writing and there’s more flyable ship classes, a single player non-linear storyline & possible DLC to add in the future of the game I’m sure things will be kept fresh.

Plus I’m 21+ hours into the game and I’ve only just managed to sneak into Sector 5 with a bit of luck!




If you want to find out more about Everspace and purchase a copy, then head over to https://everspace-game.com/ to find out more.

Alternatively, look out for one of my Everspace streams. Live on http://twitch.tv/geekbyte



Indeed, but one with it’s roots firmly embedded in space shooter history