EVE Online – Current Issues With Tranquility


Hey guys,

We’re currently aware of an issue that’s causing some odd behavior for people currently connected to Tranquility.

At present the symptoms of this issue that have manifested themselves are as follows:


  • A Significant FPS drop
  • Ships not rendering in hangars
  • The ability to zoom out infinitely from your hangar (making for some interesting screenshots!)
  • Inability to undock
  • Inability to see the market and industry jobs
  • Inability to see character and item attributes and descriptions

Clearing your cache may help with this issue, however we’re currently working on faultfinding in more detail and rectifying this.

We’ll have more information once it’s available. For now, stay safe and sit tight, and we’ll have more information as soon as we can.


We have deployed a fix to Tranquility in order to address issues with undocking, market visibility and industry/science jobs visibility. If you are still experiencing issues outlined in this forum thread, please find a safe place, log out and restart your client and launcher to download the new patch.