The Division – Bans inbound for cheaters & exploiters



Ubisoft Bans First Wave of Cheaters in The Division; Second Wave Imminent; Suspensions, Rollbacks and Permabans for Potential Exploiting

It is only human nature to find the path of least resistance when trying to achieve something in life. In an online-only environment, such as with Tom Clancy’s The Division, sometimes this leads players to resort to cheating or exploiting to get what they want, faster or more efficient, than by regular means. This lead to a troublesome problem with the title, especially on PC, where the Dark Zone PVP had been plagued with blatant cheaters, whether it be wall hacking, using fire rate adjustment hacks, or just the typical run of the mill infinite ammo.

Ubisoft has taken quick action however, expressing both on livestreams on Twitch as well as on social media and the official forums that changes were definitely coming in terms of what is “fair play” and what isn’t. Today we finally have word on what to expect here on out.

Cheat Engines_

A new policy has been instated, first offenses are now fourteen day suspensions instead of three. This is to help protect players while giving the opportunity for cheaters to possibly ‘correct themselves’ during their potential suspension. On top of that, repeat offenders will no longer receive a secondary suspension, but instead be issued a permanent ban.

Aside from this, work has begun on upgrading and implementing new anti-cheat detection measures to ensure that the environment is safe and protected for all players to enjoy. More information on this will be coming in the future.

Bug Exploiting_

Trying to simulate an environment where millions of players are playing the game in active development is impossible. As such, bugs or glitches can sometimes make it through QA and into the final build release of the game or content update. Sometimes, players willingly and knowingly decide to use these bugs and glitches to get a significant advantage in progression over another player. With that being said, Ubisoft has decided to change their stance on exploiting and bug abuse.

Based on severity, and repetitiveness of the offense as well as a players account history; suspensions, account rollbacks and even permanent bans can now be issued to exploit users. This is a huge step being taken to alleviate issues that may arise with the online experience of players.

Transparency of course is a key priority. When a new bug, glitch, or exploit has been identified, it will be posted on the public forum once confirmed by the development team. This gives players the knowledge they require to know what is a potential exploit and what is not.

Moving Forward_

The first wave of bans have been issued, with a second wave eminent. It seems like a huge step in the right direction to keep The Division community healthy and less toxic than it has been in the past weeks. Those who have been caught will receive an email, whichever is linked to their uPlay account, in a similar fashion as shown below: