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Warhammer 40,000: Dark Nexus Arena – Early Access Week 1 Plan



Hello everyone, and welcome to the Arena!

Thank you all for the early feedback as DNA enters Steam Early Access. It has all been very helpful and we are working to address some of the key issues as we move forward.

Here is what you can expect throughout next week:

European Servers

– We are currently running tests on our Servers in Europe. We are planning to deploy those over the weekend or early next week if we run into any issues. This should greatly lower latency and increase responsiveness for those players across the pond.

Spawn Functionality Improvements

– Right now, it’s pretty daunting to load in and get attacked by Wracks and players while you are browsing the shop. We’re making a change so players won’t respawn automatically. You’ll have a chance to buy your items, and respawn when you are ready. No more getting dropped into a raging firefight, and no more farming points off of AFK players.

Tutorials / Player Feedback

– We are setting up some preliminary game introduction materials. In the short term, we’ll be getting out a Wiki where you can easily read up on character abilities and Getting Started Tutorials. We’ll follow up when these are ready to rock and will be adding additional in-game feedback elements throughout the next few weeks to Soul Hunter mode as well.

Elite: Dangerous – Horizons Change Log #5



Hey all,

Thank you so much for your continued testing and support through the beta. It’s looking great and the dev team have been hard at work on another update.

It’s going live at 11am GMT and the test servers are likely to be down for roughly an hour and a half. Please do jump on in and give your feedback ahead of the full launch on Tuesday next week.


***UPDATE #1***

We’re now expecting the server work to be completed by 3pm. More updates if as they happen.

Change log…

  • Fix a crash caused by a POI activating during a transition
  • Fixed multi-threading crash in physics
  • Fixed crash in mission manager
  • Fixed crash in terrain patch generation
  • Fix for missing texture errors in schematics
  • Fix missing component error if a player goes offline
  • OSX crash fix for activity incorrectly trying to load incorrect resources
  • Fix for starting with the keyboard and mouse control preset causing your throttle controls to go weird
  • Prevent server error if player tries to buy something they cannot afford
  • Fix a confirmed cause of players loading into the game up to a kilometer up or down from where they saved (more…)

Elite: Dangerous – Horizons Release Date (Tuesday 15th December 2015)



Hi Everyone,

Beta is going very well – the team have been working hard and have made great progress. Thanks to all those that have been helping us – a great many improvements have been included already, with another update (Beta 5) expected tomorrow, with more tweaks and changes.

We have worked very hard to ensure forward & backward compatibility so that all players of both seasons can play in the same galaxy together.

After every Elite Dangerous release we have taken care to listen and reacted to all feedback, and Elite Dangerous: Horizons will follow exactly the same process. Included with Horizons will be multiple expansions of which Planetary Landings will be the first.

All going well, we plan to launch Horizons with Planetary Landings on Tuesday (15th December – you heard it here first!). This will initially be termed an ‘Early Access’ release to highlight our normal process to our broad audience, some of whom have been with us since the start, but many have joined our community very recently.

We’ve put together a beta gameplay trailer here, for those that don’t have yet the beta, and here is a link:

Thank you everyone for your support, and your tickets and reports, and I look forwards to seeing you in the game! (I’m CMDR BRABEN).





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Elite: Dangerous – Horizons Change Log #4



Beta 4 for Horizons is incoming at 4pm GMT. Here is the change log for this build:

  • Crash fix for rare case when checking data point rewards
  • Fix crash on remote clients when spawning a skimmer from a level skimmer spawner
  • In the rare case we don’t have an authority machine, avoid the crash caused when checking whether to wait for an object
  • Prevent potential crash when quitting the game on the same frame as a recalled ship appears
  • Fix softlock when entering the CQC menu
  • Ensure that NPC pilots are created correctly and don’t block loading
  • If the user overwrites GraphicsConfiguration.xml with a copy from an older version of the game, provide default quality settings for planet surface materials instead of crashing
  • Fix crash in cockpit UI if disconnected from server
  • Fix crash in bobblehead component when exiting orbital cruise
  • Don’t crash if a POI cannot be placed on a suitable body
  • Fix a crash when targeting a wake (or otherwise managing to have an approach type without valid target destination)
  • Fix crash when scooping mining and material fragments
  • Landfall planets will be displayed in “locale” panel only if they’ve been discovered
  • Planet surface map displays starting system map when selected fixed
  • Fix for the Wing UI saying “destroyed” when the wing member deploys their SRV
  • Escape pod does not show up in schematic view when targeted (more…)

Elite: Dangerous – Horizons Change Log #3



We are expecting this to go live at 3pm and we’re expecting the usual 30 minutes of beta server downtime.



Audio Changelog for beta 3

  • Audio Mix – Improvements to non-self SRVs, and non-self SRV surface dust
  • Audio Mix – Improvements on non-self ship launch-land sequence
  • Audio Mix – Improvements to Turret HUD
  • Audio Mix – Improvements to Material collection
  • Audio Mix – Improvements to skimmers
  • Audio Mix – Improvements to external sounds heard from SRV landing pad garages
  • Audio Mix – External sounds no longer audible in planetary outfitting bays
  • Audio Mix – Improvements to planet structures
  • Audio Mix – Boosted Orbital HUD warning blips
  • Audio Mix – Improvements to Buggy Shield
  • Audio Bug – Fixed messy sounding Anaconda, Adder, Eagle, EmpEagle, DropshipMkII, Vulture, Cutter, EmpTrader, CobraMKIV on exiting from Glide
  • Audio Bug – Fixed planetary launch “clunk” happening too late
  • Audio Bug – Fix for hard music cut on leaving system map
  • Audio Bug – Fixed hard-panned GUI sound in system map
  • Audio Bug – Fix for buggy shield sounds being audible from huge distance
  • Audio Bug – Fixed silent metal rich planet ambience
  • Audio Bug – Ship engines now go silent when freefalling with FA off
  • Audio Bug – Fixed silent canopy grit/scratch, when driving through dust kick-up
  • Audio Bug – Ship voice no longer says “Landing Gear Deployed” when deploying buggy
  • Audio Bug – Arrival from supercruise music delayed until a glide is complete near planets
  • Audio Bug – Skimmer hatches now sound different depending on their size
  • Audio Optimisation – Optimisations to skimmers