Elite: Dangerous & Horizons Update 2.01



Hello Commanders,

This morning we have a quick update going out. The servers will go offline at 3PM UTC and will return within the hour. Below is the changes for this update…

  • Fix a render crash with schematics
  • Remove debug version string
  • Cannot target anything when in ship vicinity fixed
  • The following controls should now work when near a ship.
    • All other targeting buttons (cycling, next hostile, sub target, wings etc)
    • Cargo scoop lowering
    • Shield toggle and stabilize
  • Poll the state of module perks to notice when they go from No Effect to Available, and refresh the synthesis UI page
  • Allow Mac users to use Micro Resources that were previously gathered using their Horizons-enabled commander on Windows
  • Fixed some mission string substitution errors



(Source: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=213073 )