Elite: Dangerous – Horizons Change Log #6


Hi all,

We have another beta update going live today at 11am GMT. We expect the beta servers to be down for up to an hour.


IMPORTANT: Mission changes for this release will wipe existing missions


      – Fix for crash when reporting bindings
      – Crash fix for when a cargo canister spawns with either an invalid item, or one set up incorrectly
      – Speculative fix for world transform crash
      – Fix streaming error in the faction manager
      – Fix UI crash in options screen
      – More aggressive guards to prevent corruption of the physics proxy pair manager
      – Fix crash with terrain evaluation for landing
      – Added new graphics option for bottom end video cards to better handle the requirements for Horizons
      – Fix VR rendering of surface schematic
      – Optimisations for environment map capture

      – Load shaders earlier again on AMD to reduce stalls on loading sequence
      – Swap order of long/lat on the orbital HUD: the order is now; latitude, longitude, gravity
      – Altered the null chance for POIs such that there is a nice fall off between civilised and unexplored space
      – Fix POI’s that were visible form ship in the form of a disk but were not spawning when in the ship
      – Reduced damage boots from synthesis
      – Fixed multi-cannon basic synthesis so that it only gives 50% ammo refill
      – Planet ports only care about crimes committed within 4km
      – Moved targeting bones to make them more centred in the rock so the turret wont miss
      – Fix for wing beacons making player ships spawn colliding with existing ships
      – Disable targeting of sub-targets for planetary turrets
      – Fix for the assert/silly transforms that happen when you try to Glide down to a planet that’s stuck through a ring
      – Optimisations for Skimmers
      – Adjusted fade off for POI blue circle so that it starts fading out at 2km and fades out by 1.5km
      – Modified timings for Data points on easy settlements based on feed back all should be at least 120 many medium to large should be 180 seconds
      – Increased the texture resolution of the cargo bay
      – Disabled steering controls when in headlook mode when using a mouse for both
      – Fix some network issues with turrets
      – Requires missions wipe. Add settlement market id to interface and disable targets missions
      – Don’t show Horizons missions on platforms that don’t support them
      – Split available planetary missions into a separate section on the bulletin board
      – Remove timeleft contract element from reward collection phases of planetary missions
      – Added text for surface mission buckets
      – Don’t show space missions in the bulletin board
      – Allow Commanders to resurrect at other space stations if they last docked at a planet port and their current session does not have access to Horizons
      – Fix a cargo bay transaction server error
      – Remove the “Warning, thingy has changed jurisdiction” message, it’s misbehaving around POIs and causing more confusion that it’s helping
      – Ensure that the correct mountain material are being used on high metal worlds where the geology is borderline for metal content
      – Fix for mismatch in ice fog density between interior and exterior volume
      – Ensure correct splash screen is shown for the relevant platform
      – Planet port material optimisations
      – Schematic material optimisations
      – Memory optimisations by changing material texture data format
      – Optimised resource loading
      – Female pilot texture optimisations
         – Audio: Slightly changed the way how dust grit works. Also setting initial values for them, so it won’t pop in without causeIMPORTANT: Mission changes for this release will wipe existing missions

(Source: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=211218 )