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Geekbyte’s Xmas 2015 Give-Away!



Mark your calendars folks! Wednesday 23rd December is the day of the Give-Away!

Live on my channel – from 8PM (GMT)


We’ve got prizes from XSplit, Elite: Dangerous ASUS Republic of Gamers & many more!


Join us for a Christmas Free Giveaway where we share the spirit of the season!

Elite Dangerous Horizons 2.01: Server side update



Hi Commanders,

We’re about to deploy a small set of changes to the Horizons servers. Good news however! There won’t be any downtime with this update.

Below are the changes…

  • Fixed some stability problems with exploration data.
  • Fixed a display issue with major faction rank progress bars.

The Frontier Dev Team


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Elite: Dangerous & Horizons Update 2.01



Hello Commanders,

This morning we have a quick update going out. The servers will go offline at 3PM UTC and will return within the hour. Below is the changes for this update…

  • Fix a render crash with schematics
  • Remove debug version string
  • Cannot target anything when in ship vicinity fixed
  • The following controls should now work when near a ship.
    • All other targeting buttons (cycling, next hostile, sub target, wings etc)
    • Cargo scoop lowering
    • Shield toggle and stabilize
  • Poll the state of module perks to notice when they go from No Effect to Available, and refresh the synthesis UI page
  • Allow Mac users to use Micro Resources that were previously gathered using their Horizons-enabled commander on Windows
  • Fixed some mission string substitution errors



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Elite: Dangerous Horizons & 1.5 Changelog



Hey everyone,

Here are the final patch notes for the Horizons and 1.5 (Ships) updates.

Remember you can get ready for the update by making sure you have downloaded the latest version of the launcher from here.

The servers are currently down and we are expecting them to be up between 4pm – 6pm GMT. However, we will keep you updated on this thread.

Change log:

New additions

– Fix crash in kinematics
– Fix audio emitter error
– Speculative fix for crash on shut down
– Fix crash creating a new player ship during death
– Fix crash caused by pressing the back button when trying to bind to an axis
– Don’t crash when a prospector limpet collides with a planet surface (or any other physics object without user data)
– Make sure that the reverse mode is triggered if enter neutral/reverse if our velocity is negative
– Fix hand-ins for planetary missions
– Remove certain unused stations from planetary and pad size checks
– Fix issue with receiving no credits when selling cargo
– Fix planets shining through some materials
– Make sure re-supply all button adds the SRV
– Fix for Typos in commodity news
– Fixed spelling of minerals in mining data for class 3 planets
– When we leave a proving ground make sure to clear the flag to ignore the location safety checks. This should prevent someone from logging on in the middle of a star causing weird graphical glitches
– Don’t close a players recalled ship hatch when other ships launch from star ports


Elite: Dangerous – Horizons Change Log #6


Hi all,

We have another beta update going live today at 11am GMT. We expect the beta servers to be down for up to an hour.


IMPORTANT: Mission changes for this release will wipe existing missions


    – Fix for crash when reporting bindings
    – Crash fix for when a cargo canister spawns with either an invalid item, or one set up incorrectly
    – Speculative fix for world transform crash
    – Fix streaming error in the faction manager
    – Fix UI crash in options screen
    – More aggressive guards to prevent corruption of the physics proxy pair manager
    – Fix crash with terrain evaluation for landing
    – Added new graphics option for bottom end video cards to better handle the requirements for Horizons
    – Fix VR rendering of surface schematic
    – Optimisations for environment map capture