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Elite: Dangerous – Patch v1.5 (BETA)



Default Ships 1.5 beta update – Patch notes

Hey everyone.

Here are the patch notes for the 1.5 “Ships” beta build. Remember to give it a really good test and leave your feedback here and your bugs here.



– Added Asp Scout
– Added Viper MkIV
– Added Federal Corvette
– Added Imperial Cutter
– Added Keelback
– PC/Mac: Added Bobbleheads!!!
– Added Imperial Fighter to CQC
– Added new missions
– Don’t die missions
– Don’t get scanned missions
– Multi-stage missions
– Missions can be received in space
– Assassination variants
– Contact missions
– Unique cargo missions – you have to deliver what you are given
– Timed window missions
– Added new open space scenarios:
– Search and rescue scenarios
– Wrecked ships scenarios
– New deep space salvage scenarios
– Distress call scenarios
– Alliance vip escort
– PC/Mac: Updated French, German and Russian translations
– Added more player group sponsored minor faction descriptions
– Master Chefs rare good added
– Renamed various planets
– Local emergency rescue NPCs added


Warhammer 40,000: Dark Nexus Arena – Patch 0.4.1


Patch 0.4.1

Launch Date: 11/06/2015

A Note from the Devs

Our first patch on the new Steam Betas, this patch adds several bug fixes, and adds in some quality-of-life changes for Shield Bar and Shot Particles.
  • Feedback Improvements – Recoloured Shield Bars, fixed particle visibility.
  • Veteran Balance – Fire Warrior, Ethereal, Berzerker, Stormboy, Scout
  • More Optimizations – Additional cleanup to help your Frames-per-second.
    We are renaming Nova to Ultimate to help with player understanding.



    Improvement – Changed Shield colours on enemy Veterans from Blue to Orange. This should help visibility in team fights.
    Bug Fix – Fixed an issue where players were running uncontrollably when the Shop was open.


    Improvement – Added Veteran footstep sound-effects.
    Bug Fix –Fixed an issue where bullets looked like they were not properly colliding with enemies.


    Bug Fix – Fixed an issue with some particles that were showing up in the Fog of War.
    Bug Fix – Fixed an issue with Item cooldowns resetting when sold and repurchased.
    Bug Fix – Smoothed the health bars to reduce jittering.
    Improvement – More optimizations to the particles systems which should help with performance.

    Veteran Balance


    – Combat Damage: 70 -> 85


    – Combat Damage: 60 -> 50

    Stone Spirit
    – Passive Ultimate: 1 Ultimate per 2 seconds -> 1 Ultimate per 3 seconds

    Fire Warrior

    – Basic Attack Damage: 60 -> 80
    – Attack Speed: 0.6 -> 0.8
    – Lowered slowdown from shooting. Increased slowdown from shooting when running backwards.


    Recon Mine
    – Slow Amount: 40% -> 30%


    – Combat Damage: 80 -> 70



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