Elite: Dangerous – Horizons Change Log


Horizons 2.0 Beta Change Log


Ships can land on planet surfaces!

  • Orbital cruise mode added
  • Sub-orbital flight mode added
  • Added glide path planetary approach flight model
  • Added the Planetary Landing module slot
  • Scanner landing radar added
  • Adjusted ships that can carry SRVs to have sufficient clearance when landed
  • Added the ability to dismiss and recall your ship
  • FA Off for planetary flight model
  • Added Planetary Approach Suites to all starter load outs
  • Added Planetary Approach Suite to all ships
  • Added current gravity strength indicator
  • Added role switch GUI panel
  • Can deploy SRV when landed
  • Can deploy SRV at planetary ports

SRV Surface Operations

  • SRV surface driving added
  • SRV vertical boost added
  • SRV turret added
  • SRV surface interactions added
  • Wave scanner added
  • Playable Scarab SRV added
  • Terrain scanner added
  • Added SRV specific control options
  • Add pilot animations for SRV


Planet Rendering

  • Updated mid-distance planet rendering
  • Added surface rendering for airless worlds
  • Added quality settings for surface rendering
  • Improved planet lighting
  • Added detail objects for surface

NPC surface skimmers added

  • Goliath
  • Sentry
  • Guardian
  • Stinger 2

Added surface ports

  • Players can dock at planetary ports
  • NPC ships use planetary ports
  • Added planetary ports as mission targets/givers
  • Added planet surface market specific commodities

Added surface settlements

  • Art assets added
  • Opposition strength variants added
  • Added air defense turrets
  • Added ground attack turrets
  • Surface base components added
  • Surface base interaction points added
  • Settlement data link rewards added
  • Trespass zones added

Added surface points of interest

  • Scanner indication added
  • Wave scanner signals added
  • Materials POIs added
  • Encounter POIs added
  • Natural POIs added
  • Structure POIs added

Materials & Synthesis

  • Added generation of materials
  • Added synthesis
    • AFM module resupply
    • FSD Boost
    • Ship projectile resupply
    • SRV hull repair
    • SRV refuel
    • SRV ammo refill
  • Synthesis quality bonuses


  • Add planetary Missions
  • Make some missions only spawn at planetary ports
  • Add rare planetary missions
  • Add off-base planetary missions


  • Nav panel indicate planets that can be landed on
  • Hook planet map into the ‘hyperlinking’ we support with galaxy/system map
  • Provide direct access to the planet map from the cockpit
  • Added planetary schematic map
  • System map: Adding planetary resource level in info panel
  • Indicate if a nav target is on the other side of the planet
  • Render trespass zone boundaries over the terrain schematics
  • Show settlement and ports locations on planetary map


  • NEW: 64 bit client!
  • Added Horizons specific starter package
  • Planetary permits added
  • Added Black Friday paint jobs


  • Added Vive support
  • Did we mention that we have the 64 bit client now available?!


  • CQC: Prevent “Waiting for Players” with a full lobby
  • Don’t try and update the navigation panel when in CQC

– Fixed some ASP dirtmap issues
– Fixed a geometry issue on the Anaconda
– Changed the position of camera decal 1 & 3 on the Diamondback
– Fixed Sidewinder landing gear collision issue
– New shadow profile to improve the quality of shadows in asteroid field locations, the main difference being a reduced amount of adaptability to prevent excessive shadow blurring when distant asteroids are in view.
– Fixed repetitive audio glitch after CQC Team Deathmatch
– Closed hole in mesh for the Federal Assault Ship
– If a button is currently using a default binding then show that in the binding’s option screen rather than just appearing blank.
– Added a new size 1 slot to the Sidewinder and Eagle and edited the horizons load out for the sidewinder so that it has two cargo in that slot
– The cockpit canopy can now be repaired by the AFM
– Fixed Russian Stats page texts shows as missing characters throughout
– Fix offset mouse pointer on Station menu, shipyard and insurance screen
– Imperial cutters Mouse Widget is inclined towards one corner fixed
– If a head tracking library fails to load, even though we have a path to it, then make sure it goes into the error state rather than attempting to load the dll every frame
– Fix for distant asteroid billboards partially showing through the asteroid models
– Orca’s bobblehead placement adjustments (wobbly bobbles).
– System Map VR: – Added the concept of a Base Scale that scales all GUI, planet miniatures and dolly ranges to make everything pleasantly bigger and further away (as we deal with locked FOVs in VR opposed to orthographic)
– System Map: Add a different global scale to the label manager for VR to make the text larger
– Ensures that the player’s pilot gender is represented correctly in the cockpit
– Made the schematics bigger for the construction phases of the Occellus Stations
– Fixed NPCs not becoming Wanted (if appropriate) or turning red when attacking player in a large ship
– Wakes created by ships that the local player knows the names of now display the name of that ship. This should help the mission NPCs that ask you to follow their wake
– Fixed the animation issue with the doors of the vulture
– Fix for 10cr repair bug
– Shields regenerate at a much faster rate while docked
– Fixed Cutter’s decal cameras
– Ship dashboard GUI still present when viewing Bobbleheads in Outfitting
– Track CQC gametype when entering matchmaking to prevent entering lobbys of another gametype
– Fixed clipping bobbleheads in the Eagle
– Nav markers now have an ‘obscured’ visual state when the location is behind a planet/star
– Add a Terrain Material Quality setting to the graphics options menu
– Fixed animation clipping on the nacelle hard point doors
– Fixed sometimes incorrectly showing the generic “failed to join” message rather than the “session is full” message when trying to join a full CQC game
– Made it so that the cockpit module isn’t visible in the module panel while playing CQC
– Added specialized VR mesh for the outfitting screen
– Make player ship invulnerable when player’s in a buggy (Temporary for Beta 1)
– Missiles are now more effective against shields
– Updated translations
– Fed fighter drive lighting fixed
– Added three stage slider background to FSD boost slider in the galaxy map
– Make sure that heat sinks are affected by gravity when launched
– Increased the hopper ammo amount for the fragmentation cannons from 30 to 90
– Prevent excessive spamming of telemetry from edServer to webServer after a player has followed a jump wake
– Starter package Sidewinders (and bought) now come with low powered gimballed pulse lasers
– Add missing mission assassin chatter
– Imperial Cutter’s Mouse Widget is inclined towards one corner
– Resized the Standard bullet impact FX game wide to fix the standard bullet impact from being too large when hitting shields
– You can raise your landing gear while landed via the function panel fixed
– Turn off proximity warnings in super cruise, they feel odd near planets, and aren’t that helpful anyway
– Refuel all vehicles in the target ship’s launch bay when docking at a market
– For the Beta 2 public test, Beagle 2 Landing in Asellus Primus star system also has all modules and ships available in stock
– Fix occasional transaction server errors for users with very large numbers of friends
– Slightly retuned background sim to give greater daily influence changes for a given amount of player activity
– Various sever performance and reliability improvements
– Add missing hitmen types
– Try to improve the feedback for contact mission types
– Decrease mission respawn time and number of missions at boards
– Increase timed assassination targets spawn rate
– Generally fix target spawning errors
– Added new mission icons
– Add fines to early abandonment where applicable
– Some reputation/influence/state value fixes

Xbox One Changes
– Fix some issues when adding preflight checks to the Xbox controls
– If ship is destroyed while controller is disconnected, handle when the controller is disconnected in CQC as well as normal play
– Make sure the session is full error is displayed if that is the reason for not joining a session
– Don’t show disconnection messages if we’re in the controller disconnect flow
– Enabled the FOV graphics setting on Xbox to help people compensate against TVs cropping the screen edges off
– Improve network problems diagnostics messaging
– Don’t give up on waiting for a voice comms name if the other player is in the unnamedVoiceCommsUsers list and so the name retrieval is still underway

Server Side Changes
– Fix occasional transaction server errors for users with very large numbers of friends
– Slightly retuned background sim to give greater daily influence changes for a given amount of player activity
– Many performance and reliability improvements

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