Warhammer 40,000: Dark Nexus Arena – Patch 0.4


Launch Date: 10/30/2015

A Note from the Devs

Steam Beta goes live to replace the outdated Patcher systems, massive overhauls to player stats, a new item system, reworked Veterans, new Retributor Veteran, and more.
  • Steam Beta – Faster downloads, more reliability, all contained inside your Steam library!
  • Operation Maelstrom – New Item system, reworked player stats, Novas!
  • Retributor – Unleash Divine Fury with the Adeptas Sororitas Retributor!
  • Optimizations Aplenty – More fixes that will make you play smoother!

As part of our Steam migration, we have temporarily unlocked all items for use, and temporarily disabled Social and Stats Tracking.

New Features

Adeptas Sororitas


Veteran Page

Veteran Stats
Shield: 400
Health: 800
Move Speed: 130
Basic Attack Damage: 20 (x3)
Basic Attack Rate: 0.65 seconds


Explosive Rounds / Full Auto [Charge]
The Retributor carries the infamous Heavy Bolter into battle. Charging while in Run Stance will load Explosive Round stacks. Basic Attacks consume these stacks and explode on impact, causing knockback on hit.
Full Auto
Full Auto Damage: 10
Full Auto Attack Rate: 0.0667(15 bullets per second)

Run & Gun [Ability 1]
The Retributor changes fire modes on the Heavy Bolter from Run Stance to Gun Stance.
Gun Stance: Movement speed slowed as the Retributor braces the Heavy Bolter. Holding Charge winds up for Fully Automatic. Firing the weapon unleashed a storm of bullets. Reactivating the ability will toggle back to the Run Stance.

Shield of Faith [Ability 2]
The Retributor is protected from the terrors of the arena by sheer force of will. Her faith summons a holy shield of light which blocks incoming projectiles. This shield appears where she is facing.

Faith in the Emperor [Nova]
The Retributor calls on the God-Emperor of Man to strike down the heretics. A massive pillar of light strikes the ground and creates a blast that shreds through enemies. Affected enemies are damaged and blinded.

Adamantium Will [Passive]
The powers of the Warp have a reduced effect on the purity of the Retributor. All received Warp Damage is converted to regular Damage.


New Item System: There is a new, tiered Shop to buy equipment for Veterans in game. These are accessable by pressing [P] when standing in the spawn area.
Reworked Progression: Veterans are now the same level throughout the entire match. This ensures fair and competitive gameplay.
Nova: There is a new Nova meter that builds over time and while the Veteran is in combat. Unleashing the Nova activates the Veteran’s most powerful ability.
Cooldown System: No more Energy restrictions. Now you only need to manage your position and cooldown meter.



Improvement – Download size has been significantly reduced.
Improvement – Significant reworks to the Front End and Gameplay to improve appearance and performance.


Improvement – New ‘Characters (C)’ screen with more info. Also made this Hold to View.
Improvement – New Scoreboard screen in gameplay, hold ‘Tab’ to View.
Improvement – New Post-Game screen, updated score tallies to include Executions.
Improvement – New in-game Shop.


Improvement – Several Veterans have had their textures rebalanced.
Improvement –Bad Moon Meganob has received a visual upgrade with additional gear.


Bug Fix – Fixed issue where the Ethereal was causing errors with Veteran attack speed.
Bug Fix – Fixed issue where players weren’t respawning after death.
Bug Fix – Fixed issue where the Scout’s flare SFX weren’t being affected by audio sliders.
Bug FIx – Fixed issue where Victory Points were being gained after a team won.

Veteran Balance


As part of Operation Maelstrom, everything has been retuned and balance to fix the new gameplay objectives and pacing.
– All Veterans have 10% Crit Chance
– Dash cooldown reduced to 4 seconds

– Jungle Camps no longer grant Victory Points
– Wracks now deal 0.35x Damage to Veterans
– Wracks now deal 2x Damage to ChronosPylons
– Chronos Pylons now have 2000 Shields
– Chronos Pylons now have 15000 Health
– Khymerae damaged reduced to 40.
– Termagant damaged reduced to 15.
– Colossal Squig damage reduced to 80

– Rebalanced Favour distribution across Damage Dealt, Gain per second, Veteran Kills, Wrack Kills, and Neutral kills.


– Shields: 200
– Health: 800
– Damage: 50
– Attack Speed: 0.5
– Move Speed: 140

Narthecium Needle
– Now grants 5 hp per second regen to Apothecary and all linked allies.


– Shields: 200
– Health: 1600 -> 1000
– Damage: 66 -> 70
– Attack Speed: 0.6 -> 0.75
– Move Speed: 145

Lay Low
– Damage: 125% -> 120%

Blood for the Blood God
– Damage Increase: 30% -> 20%
– Duration per Kill: Minion – 2 sec -> 0.5 sec. Veteran – 6 sec -> 3 sec


– Shields: 600
– Health: 1000 -> 400
– Damage: 60
– Attack Speed: 0.57 -> 0.4
– Move Speed: 155

Zephyr Strike
– Stun Duration: 1 sec -> 0.75 sec

Fire Warrior

Shields: 200
Health: 600
Damage: 60
Attack Speed: 0.6
Move Speed: 140

Crippling Shot and Volley Fire have been swapped to Heavy Attack and Ability 1, respectively.

NEW ABILITY: Photon Grenade

A ranged grenade that can silence enemies on impact. Enemies that have been silenced cannot use their abilities. This is replacing the old ability, Ranged Warfare.
Cooldown: 8 seconds
Throw Distance: 15 Units
Area of Effect: 5 Units
Silence Duration: 2 seconds


Shields: 0
Health: 1500
Damage: 85
Attack Speed: 0.67
Move Speed: 125


Shields: 200
Health: 800
Damage: 100
Attack Speed: 0.8
Move Speed: 145

Drill Beam
– Adds 50 Krak Damage

Recon Flash Flare
– 1 Damage and 50 Krak Damage

Tactical Trip Mine
– Slow: 40%
– Slow Duration: 1.5 seconds
– Damage: 75

Make it Count
– Range: 60 -> 300
– Damage: 400
– Krak Damage: 100


Shields: 0
Health: 1000
Damage: 80
Attack Speed: 0.45
Move Speed: 150

Blaze of Glory
– Base Damage: 250
– Damage over distance: 125 (Max 500) | 175 (Max 700) if Fight or Flight.


Shields: 1000
Health: 1000
Damage: 100
Attack Speed: 1.0
Move Speed: 115

As of this patch, we are no longer supporting old Patcher-based versions of Dark Nexus Arena and all installations and updates are being relayed to the Steam Beta service. If you have any issues please contact support@whiteboxgames.com


(Source – https://dna-forums.vanillaforums.com/discussion/869/patch-0-4-maelstrom)