Elite: Dangerous – Patch v1.4.01



Greetings Commanders…

Don’t worry, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you! Here is the patch notes for tomorrow’s update. The update is due to go live from approximately 10:30am BST and will last for roughly an hour and half.

Patch notes are as follows…

All platforms

  • CQC Matchmaking Improvements
  • Improvements to interdictions
  • New Mission Templates
  • Fix for multiple fines for the same illicit cargo in the same system
  • Fix for Federal Assault Ship and Gunship Ranks
  • Speculative fix for mining hopper with unallocated ore

Xbox One Specific

  • Fix for GFX settings
  • Kepler Eye fix for multiple discoveries
  • Upload App now supported
  • Updated User Guide
  • Non supported language resources removed (fixes issue with NXOE Preview)
  • Improvements to our package builder to reduce update size