EGX – Day 1

EGXSo Day 1.

After the late night travelling from Liverpool to York, my plans of an early start to get to the NEC were slightly scuppered due to a thing called sleep.

I hit my bed, just after 2am and the need to update some emails and schedules meant I got to sleep about 02:30 which is never a good thing when you have to rise at about 7:30am.

9am came and went..

The executive decision to sleep longer was good although it meant I didn’t manage to get to EGX until 14:30, but I felt much better for it and not travelling while tired. Added bonus of not having to pay for parking (yay!)

So, the NEC. First time I’ve visited and bloody hell it’s large. Short walk to find the right entrance and off I trotted to get my Press Pass wristband. A lovely shade of purple to match my Twitch T-shirt (more on that at a later date).

First off, quick browse around before heading to the ASUS ROG booth where a certain Tiny Tim Logan of OC3D fame is parked for the weekend as well as meeting up with XSplit’s UK Community Manager – Peter Slater (@Sllayt3r). He wasn’t having the best of days (technical issues), but kept a cheery disposition about himself and at the same time up popped a little lady called Cait (@phasegames) who’s a fellow XSplit Stream Team member. She’s a little pocket rocket and just the right size to fit into your pocket too 😀

Grabbing some refreshment I set off on the hunt to see what else EGX has to offer over the 4 days….there’s plenty.

star wars tie fighter
Yep, someone parked a bloody Tie-Fighter in the middle of EGX.

So probably one of the biggest games here is Star Wars: Battlefront which is due into Beta on 8th October. The queues were massive and as expected it was proving really popular on the PS4 stand although the performance I saw wasn’t smooth, but there’s time for things to get smoothed out.

Moving along to the Indie zone where a lot & I mean a lot of small Devs were showing off their games with a few stand out games. One in particular being Black & White Bushido which is being published by Playfire/Greenmangaming and it’s a fun little game. Capture the Flag mode is especially manic but entertaining, although you need to avoid playing Alex Thompson (@AlexOfTheLivin1) who’s a beast at the game.

Finally, as I can’t mention everything from today, I stopped by what was a very popular booth, especially considering it’s not a console manufacturer. Elite Dangerous.

elite horizons

People were queuing to play this all day, especially those who’d never played the game before or even tried it, which is always a good sign.

The new expansion Pack Horizons is just around the corner and with planetary landings coming into the game, there’s plenty of other things which are due to be revealed at the Developer Session held on Friday at EGX.

Hopefully, we’ll find out some great news & I’ll be there to report what we find out 😀


Anyway, the night is dark and full of terrors…. so I must sleep (again) as there’s a long day ahead of us tomorrow. 10-6pm at EGX followed by the first of two Community Party’s from 6:30-11pm tomorrow night.


So I’ll leave you with one final image from the day….


fallout 4