Elite Dangerous: Horizons 2.3 “The Commanders” BETA Patch Notes



New Content & Features (Horizons)

Commander Creator

  • Commander creator UI added
  • Player avatars used in ship cockpits
  • Commander creator exists within the player’s cockpit
  • Added holographic effect for commander avatars (when they are not physically present)
  • Hooked up the player avatar display to the comms panel and the commander history, so now chat messages will have a picture of the senders avatar next to them
  • We don’t have a default avatar use one of the presets randomly instead
  • Added Holo-Me option to cockpit Status Panel
  • Added Holo-Me shortcut to Startport Services screen, as well as including player’s current commander profile image.
  • Added 50 male and female preset commanders
  • Added feature presets for Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Ears, Jawline and Neck
  • Added zoom in with altered FOV for close ups in commander creator when playing without VR
  • Added custom mode for commander creator close ups in VR
  • Added randomise options to most feature categories in Commander Creator
  • Added Undo/Redo to Commander Creator
  • Group flight suits into collections to avoid top level list getting huge
  • Updated cockpit chairs to allow for more elbow movement
  • Fix avatar specular baking behaviour (it wasn’t saving the output so it would simply replace its contents)
  • Added beards!
  • Added 14 new hairstyles
  • Expanded number of skin tones to 8 for each head type
  • Added “rough” female base head type
  • Refreshed all hair assets to get them ready for commander creator
  • Additional avatar morph options for nose bridge, profile, tip and tip angle
  • Added avatar morph options for eye angle, width and upper eye fold
  • Added morph option for upper lip profile
  • Added jaw angle and depth options
  • Added chin width and prominence options
  • Hair shader improvements
  • Avatar eyes now use correct environment map
  • Fixed some incorrect skinning on the female pilot suit
  • Added chin cleft options
  • Added transparent and opaque versions of the helmet
  • Added rank shoulder patches, unlocked with rank
  • Added faction and pirate shoulder patches
  • Added freckles, moles and pock marks to skin details
  • Added Milky eye type
  • Added fresnel shader to helmet glass to give the transparent version more definition
  • Added a selection of eyeliner, blusher and lipstick options.


  • Roles
  • Gunner role added
    • External turret control view added
    • Firegroup control added
    • Quick fire slots added
    • Scanner control added
    • Updated UI for role
    • Allow scanner view
    • Allow schematic view
    • Weapon mount highlights added
    • Limpet control added
    • Turreted weapons can be controlled
    • Missiles can be fired
  • Fighter Con role added
    • Helm can kick other players from ship
    • Allow an NPC fighter if another player is in a fighter (only for ships that can support 2 fighters)
  • Helm role added
  • Ships
    • Added multicrew cameras to supported ships
    • Upgraded cockpits for multicrew
      • Adder (upgraded second chair for multicrew)
      • Anaconda (upgraded second and third chair for multicrew)
      • Asp (added second chair for multicrew)
      • Asp Scout (added second chair for multicrew)
      • Beluga (upgraded second and third chair for multicrew)
      • Cobra MkIII (upgraded second chair for multicrew)
      • Cobra MkIV (upgraded second chair for multicrew)
      • Empire Trader (upgraded second chair for multicrew)
      • Corvette (upgraded second and third chair for multicrew)
      • Fed Dropship (upgraded second chair for multicrew)
      • Fed Assault (upgraded second chair for multicrew)
      • Fed Gunship (upgraded second chair for multicrew)
      • Fer de Lance (upgraded second chair for multicrew)
      • Orca (upgraded second chair for multicrew)
      • Cutter (upgraded second and third chair for multicrew)
      • Type 9 (upgraded second and third chair for multicrew)
      • Python (upgraded second chair for multicrew)
      • Vulture (upgraded second chair for multicrew)
  • Chat interface updated
  • Matchmaking for different session types added
    • Bounty Hunting
    • Mentor
    • Piracy
    • Mining
    • Exploration
    • Smuggling
    • Session summary screens added
    • Allow friends invitations to multicrew
  • Power Distributor
    • Non helm MultiCrew players now provide an additional single power distribution pip
    • Players can distribute their pip where they want, as long as there is space for it
    • FireCon defaults to weapons, FighterCon defaults to systems
  • Added idle animations for other commanders in cockpit
  • Multicrew usage is based on the number of physical seats on your ship
  • Crimes system updated to support multicrew
  • Multicrew related stats added


  • New mysterious things added
  • New organics added to surfaces
  • Dolphin playable ship added
  • Dolphin NPC ships added

New Content & Features (Non-Horizons)

Ship Naming

  • Added ship name plates to ships
  • Added ID plates to ships
  • Ships can be named from within station services
  • Added ship names to various cockpit UI
  • Added hangar cameras for ship name slots
  • Request ship name when in the start new commander flow
  • Name and ID plates can be added via Outfitting
  • Ship names are server moderated if deemed inappropriate then will be masked off to other players
  • If it’s not our ship and they have no name plates, then we don’t know the ship’s name
  • If you report a player in-game, we’ll now fill in their ship name and ship ID for you

Camera Suite

  • Added vanity cameras to the ships
  • Added free camera to ships
  • Added Zoom and rotations controls for internal vanity cameras
  • Added f-stop and focus Distance to vanity and free camera
  • Enabled vanity and free camera to work in vr
  • Updated ship cockpit interiors to account for new viewing angles


  • Added asteroid base type station (including air traffic controllers)
  • Added 32 asteroid bases in various deep space locations
  • Added some new challenge scenarios
    • 4 new Incursion scenarios
    • Speed docking
    • Driver challenge
    • Ship launched fighter challenge
  • Added custom engine trails support
  • Added Megaships
    • Tanker
    • Cargo
    • Asteroid Miner
    • Flight Operations
    • Prison Ship
    • Science Vessel
    • Passenger
    • ???
    • ???
  • Added 100 new tourist beacons
  • Added Bucky Ball Beer Mats rare good

Stability Fixes

  • Make sure we wait for the loading screen to be ready before entering it when entering the CQC menu, this fixes an assert when the loading screen activates after the destination location is live
  • Fix crash in the inertial camera simulation when in CQC
  • Fix an error that can happen in outfitting if you replace the power distributor too fast
  • Fix occasional directional lights assert when loading the system map
  • Fix an error if a POIPlaceholder gains authority before going live after the original authority created the POI.
  • Fix crash when entering CQC caused by the system map trying create the system map object store which doesn’t work in CQC
  • Prevent crash while trying to generate ambient heat on ships inside stations
  • Avoid crash in physics if data for a wheel is not valid
  • Don’t parse an empty string within the Commander Interaction History as it causes the JSON parser to assert
  • Fix deadlock if the galaxy map is repeatedly opened and closed
  • Fix to clean up partly-initialised modules if the parent object(ship) is destroyed before they have received their first network replication

General Fixes & Tweaks

  • Prevent ships spawning inside each other on interdiction drop out
  • The cursor was offset n some Front-end UI’s circumstances when using ‘In-Game Panel Based Cursor’ mouse mode
  • Fix cases of relaunching game after killing the SRV and appearing in orbit
  • If we get a rank progress update that doesn’t contain a value for combat rank, let’s assume that that means that our combat rank hasn’t changed and not that we’re now harmless
  • Fixed trespass zone radar elements being visible in the debug/classified camera modes
  • Change order of string to Lat then long to revert the order of the latitude and longitude readout on the hud to be the same as pre 2.2
  • Torval Powerplay Decal changes to Patreus Powerplay Decal
  • String ID appears on info panel as the jump destination fixed
  • Possible fix for multiple unwanted audio events triggering in Friends and Groups screen
  • Updated some of the broken wireframe codes from the Unknown Artefact
  • Improved performance of the ‘triangle image load’ animation (used on the mission board). Also added support for scaling the size of the effect
  • Fix for Docking Computer crashing into back of station when approaching from rear
  • Fix for Docking Computer crashing into Qwent Research tower when coming in to land
  • When starting the game, don’t bother waiting for PlanetarySurfaceGeneration to be complete before starting up, if docked at a space station. This is an optimisation to save a few seconds off the spinning sidewinder screen during startup
  • In the cockpit friends list, show the distance to each friend (if they’re in the same mode as you), and sort friends by the closest first
  • Info in status panel now only shows scrollbar when focused
  • Xbox One: File loading optimisations
  • Modified the “modules/trade/list” so that it filters modules where possible that are only related to the players current ship
  • Various mission template fixes
  • When a bounty voucher or combat bond is awarded, all players in a wing who would previously have gotten a share will now get a copy of the full value
  • Fixed missing info text for data link scanner
  • Fixed some shadowing artefacts in the terrain rendering
  • Fixed station interior changing when the station in under influence of a UA
  • Fixed crash when looking at left-hand panel while in a fighter
  • Make sure kill chances spawn on CollectPalin Mission template
  • Improvements to planet shadows: Added new crossfade distance settings to allow a longer transition from shadows to patch lighting on higher quality presets. Rebalanced depth biases and enabled texel stability settings.
  • Displaying station name rather than the schematics name in the target details panel (external panel) fixed
  • Remove the missions market ignore case for Jaques station
  • Various optimisations for Galaxy map
  • fixed: Can’t exit side panel with B Button after using fighter
  • Fixed refinery tab still being selected on the right hand panel after removing the refinery module from a vessel
  • Fixed Intermittent drop in frame rate in Challenge Scenario
  • Fixed low-resolution cockpit on loading into CQC matches
  • Various text fixes
  • Various localisation fixes


  • Passenger’s demanded cargo has been updated in passenger mission wrinkles it is now related to the passenger type
  • Added prisoner cells as alternatives to passenger cabins
  • Custom passenger text on cargo display does not match Passenger Type in Customise Passengers
  • Ensure that NPC cruise ships have passengers when scanned
  • Updated passenger bulk, VIP and VIPConflict, as well as delivery and variant mission templates. The New Destination is now a choice on these mission templates
  • Also updated Bulk to show the correct rewards on the inbox message when you get the wrinkle, and transaction panels during wrinklesNew destination and dont die
  • Balanced numbers for explorers disgruntledness in the LDE template to be the same as on other templates
  • Updated the demanded cargo reward amounts on the passenger missions to make them more worth wile
  • Reduced exploration rank boost from passengers as it was way too high
  • Occupied passenger cabin modules can no longer be stored using the store multiple menu
  • Fixed NPC passengers not showing up properly after a manifest scan
  • Fixed UI inconsistency, where the ‘Pick Cabin’ button was located differently to ‘Accept Mission’ even though both these UI essentially share the exact same user flow


  • Make sure that the mission filter doesn’t show illegal salvage when set to legal
  • Updated the gating on missions. Now you should no longer see the planetary sign on the mission board for missions that don’t take you to a planetary station as the main destination. If you don’t have horizons, you should be getting gated at the new destination wrinkle if it is to a planetary stationpreventing you from accepting the new destination
  • Multi-stage mission support added (different to wrinkles)
  • Highlight a mission that is a direct consequence of completing a previous mission
  • Fixed mission messages being duplicated during transitions
  • Make supply to demand overrides take max distance into account (Stops Colonia making missions which intend to only go 500ly into missions to pop back to the bubble with a ~24 time limit)
  • Add support for equipment requirements for missions
  • Delivery, Collect, Passenger Bulk, Piracy, Rescue, Salvage and Smuggle mission change destination wrinkles are now optional
  • Smuggle missions maximum range has been reduced to 100ly away
  • Smuggle long minimum range has been increased to 100 ly away
  • Fixed issue with showing credit rewards when there are no other rewards
  • Updated the influence/reputation shown on the mission board for missions so that it matches the amount it actually changes on completion
  • Added contract elements on all transaction panels to display the mission giver
  • Added factions involved in the mission on inspace missions inbox messages so that you know who you are working for, and who you are working against
  • Added missing text for assassination Inspace Scanthe first 2 inbox messages are missing
  • Mission specific cargo can no longer be sold on the commodity market, although can still be sold as stolen items through the black market
  • When missions which require you to pick up cargo exist, they should be able to say Collect Cargo instead of Claim Reward
  • Welcome missions should not contribute towards influence or ranks
  • Prevent exploit where selling cargo from abandonment didn’t create a downward rep spiral
  • Massacre conflict and massacre skimmer missions limited to 3 per player at a time. Rewards increased slightly to compensate
  • Improve the chance of rank up and engineer missions being available
  • Planetary scan missions now limited to 3 per player at a time. Rewards increased slightly to compensate
  • The ancient codex now resets approximately 30 seconds after being scanned
  • Decouple normal missions and passenger missions selection, so a full allocation is available to each type
  • Added a check for illegal goods to system search to stop returning a system that doesn’t contain the markets needed
  • Prevent delivery scoop missions from appearing in systems without a landable planet
  • Stop player getting spammed with an inbox message from in space planetary hitmen missions
  • Changed the tags used for a system used in the text so that it now correctly displays the correct system for the destination. It used to only display the mission giver system (it is rare that it is not taking place in the mission giver system)
  • Added a variable generator to find a faction and station in the same system as a given station
  • Fixed superpower filtering in faction station generators


  • Fix NPCs not having the long FSD cooldown after interdictions
  • Added the Independent Fighter to alliance and independent faction navies
  • Improve piracy behaviour and associated chatter to indicater the threat and a time limit for compliance
  • NPC docking improvements
  • Added in the Vulture & Python to the police archetype, these ships should now respond to crime and have the correct skins
  • Make sure that we have the correct faction before using the automatic loadout for NPC archetypes
  • Don’t report that the player is clean when being scanned when they are not
  • Balance pass for AI interdiction ability, to make it slightly easier
  • Auto-loadout system will now automatically add required passenger cabins based on the custom passenger type
  • Allowed auto-adding of cargo racks to consider slots which don’t accept shield modules but do accept cargo racks
  • Fixed a bug in adding passengers to cabins where Passenger Entries were being added to cabins with the number of passengers set to 0
  • Removed VIP flag from CustomisePassengers. Custom Passengers being added to Imperial cabins will automatically be made VIP
  • Changes to extend AI terrain avoidance on higher gravity worlds
  • Authority ships now prioritise the closest ship to them when determining what to scan, ie either the Mothership or Fighters
  • Fix Pirate Hunter Hostile behaviour so that they attack after interdicting
  • In auto-loadout system, tweak chances of high-end weapons to make them slightly more unlikely for both military and all other archetypes
  • For AI ships using the auto-loadout system, vary the amount of ammo that utility modules have based on rank. For police/military, override and have 100% ammo, unless in a conflict zone when the standard rules apply
  • Get AI pirates to start attacking if the target moves more than 1km or starts charging FSD while the threatening process is ongoing
  • Change pirates that interdict the player to always scan (rather than sometimes attacking without scanning), and to dismiss the player and fly off if the player doesn’t have any/enough cargo
  • Threaten time changed to 15s (from 18s) now that it’s displayed in chatter
  • Added jump after all ships scanned, which we didn’t used to need for these pirates as they always attacked
  • Ignore drones and powerplay cargo when deciding whether to send a generic cargo chaser after the player
  • Pirates should now make it clear what cargo can be dropped to apease them
  • Stop NPCs in ships that can’t jump (like fighters) from trying to do so
  • When a pirate has threatened you and started to attack, reiterate the conditions for the attack to stop occasionally, updated based on the amount of cargo already dropped
  • Fix for pirate hunter hostiles not always being wanted
  • Increased the combat bonds and bounty multiplier for the “big 3” (Anaconda, Corvette & Cutter), upping their values by ~10%
  • Make sure that NPCs properly evaluate cargo worth to prevent some odd cases
  • Fixed an issue in the AI defence code which stopped heat-sinks/Chaff/ECM from working


  • When targeting a station’s location (usually but not limited to when in supercruise heading towards it) show the schematic in the correct orientation. Note that this does not take into account the stations gentle axis-rotation, but will at the very least tell you where the entrance of an orbis/coriolis/etc will be when you drop out
  • Stations can now be disabled, which will turn off thier response to crimes and will disable AI spawning
  • Stations can now be placed within rings
  • Stations can now be placed within asteroid clusters
  • Fix for inner docks not using their own module list and instead always the default modules
  • Fixed the attach to bone offset incorrectly assuming the rotation it receives in in degrees instead of radians
  • Adjusted several garages in this location as planet terrain was poking through the floors
  • Fixed ugly circle caused by fog being incorrectly clipped in stations
  • Decreased the lens flare scale on the landing pad floor spots so that they don’t obscure the GUI panels and generally look more sensible
  • Remove self destruct option from the right panel when we’re docked (we can’t self destruct here anyway so the button just doesn’t do anything)
  • Adjusted the heat ring texture to get back some of the glow which had been lost
  • Fixed LODs on the “Rich” road sections
  • CPU optimisations around stations and capital ships

Station Services

  • Increase maximum stored ship limit to 35 to accommodate that we now have more than 30 kinds of ship
  • Small tweaks for repairing ship paintwork and integrity when they’re only very slightly damaged. Don’t display 100% when it is actually slightly damaged and repairable. This makes the UI clearer and avoids some odd behaviour
  • Check if a refinery has unprocessed materials in it, and display a warning if it does before storing the module, as these will be lost during the storage process
  • Fixed module transfer timer wrapping around when the arrival time is in the past
  • Don’t show the Livery button if outfitting isn’t available at that location
  • Fix fuel level cap when exchanging modules
  • Refuel and repair SRVs and Fighters when restocking
  • Remove clip size modifiers on shield cell banks


  • New blueprints added
    • Manifest/Killwarrant/Wake scanner:
      • Long Range
      • Wide Angle
      • Fast Scan
    • Ship primary sensor:
      • Light weight
      • Long Range
      • Wide angle
    • Detailed Surface scanner (affects how fast you can basic/detailed scan planets):
      • Long Range
      • Wide Angle
      • Fast Scan
  • New blueprints added to:
    • Bill Turner:
      • DSS to grade 1, and sensor/scanner to grade 5
    • Juri Ishmaak:
      • Sensor/scanner to grade 4, and DSS to grade 2
    • Lei Chung:
      • Sensor/scanner to grade 2, and DSS to grade 2
    • Lori Jameson:
      • Sensor/scanner to grade 5, and DSS to grade 5
    • Tiana Fortune:
      • DSS to grade 5, and sensor/scanner – 5
  • Added extra gun turrets to various engineer bases
  • Fixed floating rock at Elvira Martuuk’s base
  • Added new longer range missile defences to various engineer bases
  • Mic Turner Base had a population of 0, so added bakeout data for system “California Sector BA-A E6” so that it will pick up the correct details from server
  • Add Engineer & Outfitting module groups for Life Support and Sensors so they don’t all appear in the ‘Other’ category in the Engineer Workshop
  • Remove button missing under Adjust Experimental effect screen fixed


  • Crew rank does not update on the contacts or ship GUI after ranking up fixed
  • Optimisations for load times on fighters and SRVs
  • Perform extra crew resync after crew lounge role reassignment
  • Fighters no longer ‘red out’
  • Crew being set to ‘flying fighter’ when switching into the fighter
  • Prevent transaction error when entering supercruise while a fighter is docking
  • Make fighter orders control group not conflict with non-ship (egSRV driving) controls
  • Fix for crew cut of commodity trades being calculated on the client incorrectly


  • Strengthening drone vfx as they were very difficult to see at long range
  • Updated laser impact effects so that they are compatible with weapon colouring
  • Limpets will show up in the restock menu while the players has them in the ships cargo allowing them to be sold even when the player has no limpet controller installed
  • Seeker Missile target hologram fixed
  • Added two turreted mining lasers
  • Regeneration sequence healing will now be affected by the targets thermal resist resistance will block healing as well (note that negative resistances will not increase healing)
  • Fix for Shield Cell bank displaying incorrect ammo amounts


  • Make sure a sensible default control scheme is selected if we are unable to load the users preferred control scheme instead of just selecting the first in the alphabetical list
  • Fix a bunch of the default control schemes that have had gamepad bindings added to them. This was causing them to not load if you did not have a gamepad connected to the PC
  • Removed gamepad bindings from all schemes that don’t rely on a gamepad. This will stop you requiring a gamepad to be plugged in to see the schemes for joysticks or keyboard controls
  • Allowed the alternate control bindings to have inverted axis


  • Lava Spouts now have proximity effects around them. Depending on the ferocity of their eurption, they deal heat and damage to the player. The more ferocious the eruption, the hotter and more damaging they become
  • Added additional installation scenarios
    • Medical installation added
    • Added Space Bar installation
    • Added Space Farm installation
    • Added Government installation
    • Added new Security Station installation
    • Colour variations for installations added
  • Enable replication of scannable space wreckage so that they are visible to all players
  • Changes to stop Unknown Probes jumping about and rolling up hill on planets:
  • The slow spinning animation did not work at all with things on the floor, it’s been removed
  • Align to planet and align to system no longer apply when the object they’re aligning is near a planet
  • Skimmers currently don’t report hostiles to their owning settlement fixed
  • Allow planet surface landed ships to take-off and attack if there’s a near-by faction hostile
  • Fumarole disappears in multiplayer situation when a collectable is collected while another client is logged out fixed
  • Added new Passenger USS scenarios
  • Fixed a bug with setting the health prop of a Destructible Mining Component to 1 causing it to have 0 health
  • Fixed hitcheck on fumarole collectibles
  • Improved loading of POIs
  • Proximity effects support added
  • Added more wreckage types
  • Space scenarios can now have localised fog
  • Fixed objects in a settlement drifting from their correct position if the player is far enough from the planets surface


  • Fix collision warnings on ship authority dummy objects hitting terrain wen landed
  • Prevent repeated malfunctions when they shouldn’t occur
  • Added a new Data Link scanner for ships
  • Changed Vulture’s planetary approach suite size to 1 as intended
  • Some optimisations for large multi-ship scenes
  • Prevent Eagle utility modules being swappable, because there is only one utility module slot and they’re already in it.
  • Lowered Orca weight to increase jump range and effectiveness

Ship Art

  • All ship explosive effects improved
  • Attached decals to heat vents and moved the geometry up a bit to mitigate z fighting on the Imperial Cutter
  • Beluga Liner now has similar strength headlights to the Anaconda
  • Orca tactical paintjobs fixed
  • Left Decals on the F63 Condor fixed
  • Fixed Bobblehead cams and orientations on the Fer-de-Lance
  • Fixed smoothing groups and some decal positions on the Imperial Cutter
  • Updated Asp cockpit geometry to allow for the new camera views
  • Anaconda death explosion sorting fixed. Timings are nicer too
  • Disable GUI lights if the player is dying
  • Tweaks to the Sidewinder’s exterior hull
  • Art fixes/improvements for the Cobra cockpits
  • Fix misaligned lights on the Diamondback
  • Fixed ship kit tail cameras for the Eagle and Fer-de-Lance
  • Imperial Cutter hologram clipping when launching from docked is now
  • Fix wear and tear on Python ship kit
  • Added spotlights to the Beluga’s tiny hardpoints to highlight them more in outfitting
  • Added missing spoiler camera to the Viper
  • Removed blinking light from Cutter cockpit
  • Fixed bobblehead positioning in the Vulture
  • Fixed Anaconda bobblehead camera 10
  • Adjusted decal front outfitting camera for the Imperial Eagle
  • Re-aligned the the F63 cockpit so thrusters align correctly
  • Added tail kit hanger camera to the Asp
  • Fixed blue emissive ‘Lakon Systems’ panel in T6 cockpit
  • Fixed missing textures on Type 7 utility slots
  • Fixed LOD popping with lime green gradient predator paintjob on cobra mk4
  • Fixed fighter bay hitcheck on Federation_Dropship
  • Fixed Z fighting issue on Federation_Corvette hardpoints
  • Smoothed LOD transitions on Eagle
  • Fixed clipping issues when deploying SRV from Viper
  • Fix for Federal Dropship paintjobs covering the vehicle bay
  • Fix for stretched textures on Viper MkIII ship kit
  • UV fixes for Federal Fighter’s drive
  • Fixed wonky utility mounts on the Imperial Cutter
  • Patched a small hole in the Corvette
  • Fix a decal camera on the Vulture
  • Fix a missing texture on the Corvette’s nose
  • Fixed bobblehead cameras in the Diamondback XL
  • Fixed landing gear volumes and hitcheck on the Sidewinder
  • Moved the Asp’s front decal so as not to interfere with the ship kit
  • Imperial Clipper now has an icon on the livery page of outfitting


  • Adjust the sorting of signals being sent to the sinewave scanner GUI/audiorather than tracking a fairly unreliable subset of available signals, they should both now deal with as many as they can manage (8 and 32) ranked in order of signal strength. Fixes known cases where nearby objects can be omitted from the scanner (some entirely, some would be audio-only). Also includes some minor optimisation to the system as a whole
  • Deploy option is available for SRV while still on the pad at engineer stations in a large ship fixed
  • If ship gets stuck in “ship approaching” when recalled on extreme uneven ground, it can now be dismissed.
  • Improved headlights on SRV for higher quality levels
  • Fix issue where srv could still be driven even though it was
  • Fix issue where the buggy was taking forever to cool down after taking heat damage
  • Fixed SRV shield generator and sine wave scanner not remembering if they are disabled or not
  • Optimisations to buggy headlight lens flares


  • Rebalanced capacitor and charge rates to be the same across the different ships
  • Make sure we wait for the loading screen to be ready before entering it when entering the CQC menu, this fixes an assert when the loading screen activates after the destination location is live
  • Fix an error when accepting an invite from someone who has already joined a game
  • Fix an issue with the CQC default player starting params getting modified
  • Fixing flipped hit bubbles for CQC Empire Fighter hardpoints and adjusting other hit volumes to allow them to be triggered a bit easier


  • Fix for hard edge on pfx smoke texture loop textures
  • Fixed temporal reprojection not taking a correct average of the 3×3 pixel neighbourhood
  • Added descriptions to various graphics setting options
  • HBAO no longer writes in the AO when the data stored in the anisotropic channel is in fact a tangent
  • Improved PFX lodding
  • Optimize cost of spawning new lens flares (and thus, also improve the cost of spawning lights)
  • Fixed the lens flare’s having a 1 pixel line down the right hand side
  • Fixed black line at the centre of insanely high res screenshots
  • Fix the “Off” shadow preset being incorrectly flagged as “High” internally by default. This caused shadows to not update correctly when switching between Off and High settings

Galaxy Map

  • System map initialisation optimisations
  • Galaxy map memory and performance optimisations
  • Disable HBAO when using the galaxy map as it is not used
  • Fix System Map not updating when scanning planets while open
  • Fix a small bug where for single-jump plotting modes (synthesis or neutron-boosted jumps), there could be a discrepancy between which systems have the “plot route” button enabled, and which systems can actually be plotted to in one jump. The discrepancy happened because the calculation for the maximum plotting distance (which is usually 1000LY but for single-jump modes is based on the ship’s actual jump distance) didn’t take into account the cargo mass slider that’s used by the route plotter
  • Small route plotter optimisation: don’t replot the route when toggling a map filter which has all systems enabled
  • Systems that don’t have meta-data now display as having pristine reserves in the system map


  • Change powerplay pirates and security ships to only interdict if they will then go on to attack after scanning. This means PowersPirates check the player is pledged to the controlling power and either carrying any powerplay cargo or holding any powerplay vouchers. For PowersSecurity they check the player is pledged to an opposing (different superpower) power, and either carrying powerplay cargo of the controlling power or holding powerplay vouchers of the controlling power
  • Previously ships could legally attack each other if the attacker shared the same superpower as the power of the current system, and the target was pledged to a power of a different superpower. First, we restrict this so that the attacker has to be the same power as the system. Second, we add an alternative to being different superpowersif the attacker is the same power as the system, and the target is of a different power from the attacker (but potentially now of the same superpower), is carrying powerplay cargo for the system’s power, and the attacker has cargo scanned the target and knows this, then the attack is legal
  • Set powerplay help scrollbar to external, to prevent text from truncating


  • Can no longer use mouse 2 as back in station services menu fixed
  • When comparing bindings for conflicts, first sort the array of bindings in a chord, this fixes an issue where you could bind the same button combo to multiple controls by changing the order you pressed the buttons
  • Xbox One: Expose the yaw/pitch/roll bindings so they can be bound to an axis or a button

Commander Stats

  • Fix number of fines increasing whenever a mission has failed without a fine being levied
  • Fix “Highest single reward” from assassination missions not displaying correct information

Community Goals

  • Fix inconsistent rewards being advertised when contributing to Community Goals that are in the process of ending


  • Fix a rare opportunity for a conflict to start immediately after ending early
  • Fixed faction influence change from smuggling weapons
  • Faction influence change reduced from murder, interdiction and assault crimes
  • Faction influence change increased from redeeming bounty vouchers
  • Balanced faction effects from selling commodities with a zero purchase price
  • Removed faction reputation gains from smuggling cargo at a black market
  • Improved local news articles when faction conflicts end


  • Rebalance the amount of exploration career rank awarded when completing Passenger missions
  • Stop awarding First Discovery bonuses of zero credits
  • Fix transaction server error when purchasing exploration data for certain systems
  • Increased the credit values of exploration data for scans after this release. Unsold data from previous scans is unaffected by this change.


  • Starports can now be injected via server updates
  • Fix drop out distances for certain star types
  • Added thread safety to the StellarforgePostGeneration as it is used by the stellarforge job system on worker threads
  • Renamed a duplicate BD+56 521 system to ‘Between’
  • Renamed duplicate Kamba system to Mbooni
  • Iorant JN-S c17-0 renamed to VonRictofen’s Rescue
  • Iorant PD-K d8-4 renamed to Macedonica’s Leap
  • Cuffey Plant in Acihaut renamed to Habermann Sanctuary
  • System COL 359 SECTOR NN-S D4-16 renamed to Joseph’s Lighthouse
  • Exoplanet in 61 Virginis renamed to ‘Rubin’s Discovery’
  • Added a dockable megaship called ‘Fisher’s Rest’ to the Aldebaran system
  • Col 285 Sector Ke-V B17-1 renamed to Oliver and Ben’s Beacon
  • Col 285 Sector MZ-U b17-6 renamed to Sulis
  • Fix orbit and type of Scheau Phoea WL-D d12-1 A 1
  • Renamed a planet in 74 Aquarii to Ethan Raza Khan
  • Hyades Sector Zu-Y D117 renamed to Fullerene C60
  • Added starport “Rebuy Prospect” to Fullerene C60
  • Added starport ‘McArthur’s Reach’ to LHS 5287
  • Added starport ‘Bob Paffett’ to Runo
  • Added starport ‘Jaitinder Singh’ to Namba
  • Added starport ‘Mike Tapa Astronautics Ltd’ to Sigma Hydri
  • Added starport ‘Contestabile’ to Baltah’Sine
  • Eol Prou IW-W e1-2400 renamed to Meretrida
  • Eol Prou YI-W b17-19 renamed to Kopernik
  • Eol Prou PX-T d3-347 renamed to Pergamon
  • Eol Prou IW-W e1-3246 renamed to Magellan
  • Eol Prou NH-K c9-40 renamed to Pyrrha
  • Eol Prou LW-L c8-227 renamed to Signalis
  • Eol Prou KW-L c8-164 renamed to Garuda
  • Eol Prou IW-W e1-3167 renamed to Canonnia
  • Eol Prou PX-T d3-336 renamed to Union
  • Eol Prou IW-W e1-1601 renamed to Phoenix
  • Eol Prou LW-L C8-10 renamed to Dubbuennel
  • Eol Prou LW-L C8-6 renamed to Kioti 368
  • Eol Prou LW-L C8-54 renamed to Mobia
  • Eol Prou IW-W E1-3231 renamed to Edge Fraternity Landing
  • Eol Prou SS-T D3-241 renamed to Tas
  • Added a dockable megaship called ‘The Harmony’ to Yum Kamcabi system


  • Fix texture distortion in ultra due to morphing not scaling correctly
  • Improved quad efficiency for distant horizon planets
  • Ice terrain surface improvements
  • Reduce dark patches occurring when regenerating shadows
  • Don’t allow ships to fly backwards in a ring orbiting a black hole to sneak through the exclusion zone
  • Surface rock system optimisations
  • Make star lens flares check the actual depth instead of comparing against a constant value
  • Red Spider Nebula is now red
  • Split up terrain noise generation into chunks to avoid using too much memory at once
  • Fix some nebula not appearing in the sky dome generation
  • Fix a stellar jet render artefact on AMD cards
  • Fix background brightness popping in multistar systems
  • Performance improvements for terrain on 4/500 series nVidia cards
  • Updated schematics for white dwarfs and neutron stars
  • Distant asteroid billboards shading incorrectly when passing in front of their planet fixed
  • Remove the planet material texture lod drop on consoles


  • Physics optimisations for supercruise
  • Ensure that the destination star billboard is displayed in the hyperspace sequence if lens flare is disabled


  • Experimental IPV6 support added
  • Network options and information page added to the options menu
  • If you’re already in a voice chat session with another player (eg if in a wing) and you block them, mute any further audio received from them during that talksession.
  • Make sure that a player is removed from a wing if they delete their save game
  • Added an option on Network Settings dialog to allow the port number used on IPv6 to be
  • Streamline session join protocol (may fix cases of extended supercruise or jump transition times)
  • When the game first connects to a server, if the game has a dual-stack connection, test the MTU over both IPv6 and IPv4


  • Made the schematics render in stereo
  • Added dithering support to tackle banding in VR
  • Fixes to some of the cockpit VR cameras
  • Fix some incorrect scale assumptions when fitting the left eye image to the monitor window. The view should feel a little less stretched. In addition there will be a significant memory saving moving from 2160×1200 to 1280×768
  • Added Python ship kit VR hangar cameras

Player Journal

  • Added journal events for multicrew
  • Replace the docking journal entry when switching back to a mother ship after a fighter or buggy has exploded, with VehicleSwitch
  • Change several gameplay modules to use new ‘Composite’ Journal logging, for more consistent journal entries
  • When a ship/slf takes damage, the journal entry now includes whether it’s the ship or fighter, and whether the player is the pilot
  • Added a journal entry when gaining Federation or Empire rank
  • Added “Target” property in player journal when recording a kill
  • Fix for getting the correct faction when docking at a station (to write into the journal)
  • Include surface location (latitude/longitude) in the player Journal’s “Location” event, if starting game in SRV
  • Add a “StartJump” PlayerJournal event, at the start of the jump Countdown
  • Basic Planetary Scan (ie without Detailed Surface Scanner) now write some limited info in the journal
  • At the start of a jump, include the target star’s spectral type in the journal
  • When accepting a new mission, include some info in the Player Journal entry about the effect on Influence and Reputation
  • Include Faction info in RedeemVoucher event in Player Journal
  • When DSS-scanning a ringed planet, the journal entry now includes the ‘ReserveLevel’
  • Record journal entry when in SRV and the pilot’s ship takes off or lands
  • Added journal entry for setting a ship name
  • Fixed a case where the amount scooped may be reported incorrectly (even -ve), if you start a hyperspace jump while you’re still scooping
  • Include more details about atmospheric composition in player journal, when detail-scanning a planet with atmosphere
  • Include target faction and count in Player Journal when accepting a mission
  • Added info in player journal at startup with Cargo, Materials, Passengers, Loadout
  • Add a player journal event when scanned (on scan complete)
  • Change the code for writing the ‘Bounty’ event into the player journal, so it gets written for every player in the wing that was involved in the fight
  • Include the name of the destination starsystem in the “StartJump” player journal
  • When buying or swapping ships in the Shipyard, write the ship’s loadout to the player journal (similar to on startup)
  • When writing a ship loadout into the playr journal, include the ship type, name, id etc; also include non-editable modulesin particular the cargo hatch, so we get the power priority
  • The “Loadout” data now includes health and value for each module

Audio Change Log

  • Audio Additions
    • Added audio for the FSD supercharge including voice alerts
    • Added ambient audio details to the starport inner-dock variants
    • 3 New flight controllers – Empire, Anarchy, Independent
    • Many audio optimisations and mix improvements
    • Additional Wavescanner sounds
    • Secret stuff. Shhh.


  • Technical Audio Changes
    • New Audio Emitter system! Imaginatively named “emitter2”, a major re-work of a critical audio system. This change is essential to support new listener/camera positions, and graceful switching of cameras and vehicles in Multicrew and Vanity Cam. Now also supports audio-lods, leading to improved efficiency and sonic detail when needed.
    • Refactored Pooled audio object system. It’s more than twice as fast now!
    • Enabled audio Obstruction/Occlusion in main game. Previously it was only enabled in Arena.
    • Improvements to the way soundbanks are loaded. Should help with fragmentation and memory issues.
    • New “Vessel-Voice” system, to replace our beloved old “Ship-Voice” system. Now much more robust and maintainable. This drives the computer voice lines.
    • Audio code optimisations. Audio work is better encapsulated into a single phase which improves the game’s overall frame rate.


  • Audio Bug Fixes
    • Fixed broken sounds in galaxy and system maps
    • Fixed NPC voice volume slider not working
    • Fixed issues with tourist beacon ambiences
    • Fixed tutorial voice text getting truncated
    • Fixed various flight controller issues



– Fix fuel level cap when exchanging modules

– Refuel and repair SRVs and Fighters when restocking

– Remove clip size modifiers on shield cell banks

Commander Stats

– Fix number of fines increasing whenever a mission has failed without a fine being levied

– Fix “Highest single reward” from assassination missions not displaying correct information

Community Goals

– Fix inconsistent rewards being advertised when contributing to Community Goals that are in the process of ending


– Fix a rare opportunity for a conflict to start immediately after ending early

– Fixed faction influence change from smuggling weapons

– Faction influence change reduced from murder, interdiction and assault crimes

– Faction influence change increased from redeeming bounty vouchers

– Balanced faction effects from selling commodities with a zero purchase price

– Removed faction reputation gains from smuggling cargo at a black market (NF)


– Rebalance the amount of exploration career rank awarded when completing Passenger missions

– Stop awarding First Discovery bonuses of zero credits

– Fix transaction server error when purchasing exploration data for certain systems

– Increased the credit values of exploration data for scans after this release. Unsold data from previous scans is unaffected by this change.

The Division: 1.6 Patch Notes


Expansion 3: Last Stand

Please note that you must own the Last Stand DLC to gain access to this content. Last Stand is available on February 28 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.
Last Stand game mode

  • SHD tech data relays loaded with operational information were left behind in the Dark Zone when the JTF was forced to withdraw. Rogues have targeted these data relays and are attempting to access what is inside. Engage in 8 versus 8 PvP combat and secure the data before the Rogues can.
  • Fight to control three key tactical locations on one of 4 Dark Zone maps.
  • In order to capture a tactical location, the team will need to control three objectives inside the location. Once the tactical location is secured, the team will begin scoring points.
  • First team to reach the max score wins.
  • To help propel their team to victory, players can activate powerful fortifications and SHD tech tactical boosts.

New Incursion – Lost Signal

  • Lost Signal takes place in a civilian TV Broadcast center taken over by the infamous Rikers gang.
  • Players will venture into three different wings and face unique combat scenarios. Each encounter is meant to push players to play tactically and make the best use of their builds.
  • All wings bring their own challenges and rewards; completing all of them will unlock the final boss fight and the strongest opposition yet.

Update 1.6

The following content, changes, and bug fixes are available free for everyone. Update 1.6 is available on February 28 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Game Changes

Dark Zone map expansion

  • Explore three new areas to the north of the Dark Zone. Engage powerful enemies and discover the dangers hiding around every corner.

Dark Zone Leaderboards

  • Earn rewards in the Dark Zone by participating in weekly and monthly activities tracked via the new Dark Zone leaderboards.
  • See how you stack up against other players in the Dark Zone on leaderboard activities that reset and change every week and month. All the tracked weekly and monthly activities count towards your total score. The higher your score, the better rewards you will earn when the leaderboards reset!

Dark Zone Contamination Events

  • The pockets of virus contamination in the subways below the Dark Zone are festering and becoming even more deadly. Cleaners have been attracted to the rising contamination. Players must manage their health as the virus eats away at their filter while battling against powerful Cleaners. Clear each Dark Zone subway of Cleaners to earn extra rewards.

Legendary difficulty

  • Pit yourself against elite LMB forces equipped with superior gear and advanced tactics.
  • Legendary difficulty strips missions of all narrative and focuses purely on combat scenarios.
  • Each Legendary mission has a single checkpoint, about halfway through.
  • Legendary difficulty is only available in World Tier 5.
  • Available missions: Napalm Production Site, WarrenGate Power Plant, Times Square Power Relay.

More options for character customization

  • Explore all new ways of customizing your agent, with weapon skins, backpack skins, new clothing sets and emotes!
  • Visit the Premium Vendor in The Terminal to unlock premium vanity content; stocks update weekly so check back regularly!


  • Increased the time to revive a downed teammate from 3s to 5s.
  • Bleed no longer blocks sprint. Instead it reduces movement speed by 20%. Additional applications refresh the timer.
  • Medkits can now be used at full health and cleanse the character of all applied status effects.
  • Hipfire stability has been significantly reduced when moving.
  • Increased Hip-fire penalties: Weapon spread is now wider while stability and recoil are also more impacted.
  • Player camera will now be impacted by hipfire, reducing their field of view the longer they keep firing.
  • There is now a short cooldown between each combat roll.
  • Body shot damage has been slightly increased in PvP (this change does not apply to PvE, headshot damage is unchanged).
  • Implemented visual feedback when an enemy player uses a Medkit.
  • The PvP damage multiplier has been set at 0.42. This applies to both Last Stand and the Dark Zone.

Last Stand Gear Normalization

When entering a match of Last Stand, characters stats will be modified in order to bring a more stable balance to player versus player combat.

  • Gear pieces:
    • Automatically increase to Gear Score 256.
    • Main attributes (Firearms, Stamina, Electronics) will be increased to the maximum roll of the existing stat on each equipped piece.
    • All bonuses, included from gear and performance mods, will be increased to their maximum roll.
  • Weapons:
    • Automatically increase to Gear Score 256.
    • Talents unlock based on the normalized main attributes.
    • All bonuses (including from mods), damage and attributes will be increased to their maximum roll.
  • All players will be set to 35% armor mitigation value. This armor mitigation is affected by Talents and Skill buffs.
  • Player talents, Gear Set bonuses and Weapon Set bonuses function as normal.

Dark Zone

  • Players can now fast travel between Dark Zone checkpoints.
  • Players will no longer lose Dark Zone experience and funds when killed in the Dark Zone if they are not Rogue.
  • Supply drops will now reward Dark Zone experience as well.
  • Koreatown is no longer classified as a Landmark.

Armor & Resistances

  • Armor has been removed as a Major bonus from items and is replaced with Health.
  • Base Health has been added to the game. Depending on the World Tier you are in, you will automatically receive a given amount of Base Health for free.
  • Added a new bonus called “Resist All” which adds resistance to all types of status effects.
  • Older items (pre 1.6) with Health bonus will see this bonus replaced with a Resist All one.
  • Resist All is capped at 60%.
  • Resistances to status effects will now reduce the effect instead of having a chance to resist it. This means that a 10% bleed resist will lower the bleed damage and duration by 10% instead of having a 10% chance to ignore it.
  • When applied repeatedly in a short time, the player will naturally build up resistance to this status effect. In other words, status effects will now have diminishing returns when applied repeatedly to a player.
  • If the player manages to build up 100% resistance to a status effect, they will resist it entirely.

Gear Talents

  • Rejuvenated now gives 40% resistance to all status effects for 10 seconds, when using a Medkit.

Gear Stats

    • Gear Bonuses have been moved around on various Gear Pieces
      • -bonus is removed
      • +bonus is added
      • =bonus remains


      • -Damage to Elite
      • -Damage from Elite
      • +Skill Haste
      • +Enemy Armor Damage
      • =Health
      • =Health on Kill
      • =Exotic Damage Resilience
      • =All Resistance


      • -Skill Haste
      • -Signature Skill Resource Gain
      • +Weapon Stability
      • =Health
      • =Critical Hit Damage
      • =Skill Power


      • -Damage to Elite
      • +Enemy Armor Damage
      • =Critical Hit Chance
      • =Health on Kill
      • =Exotic Damage Resilience
      • =Skill Power
      • =All Resistance


      • -Damage to Elite
      • +Enemy Armor Damage
      • +Skill Haste
      • =Critical Hit Chance
      • =Critical Hit Damage
      • =Health on Kill
      • =Assault rifle Damage
      • =LMG Damage
      • =Marksman rifle Damage
      • =Shotgun Damage
      • =SMG Damage
      • =Pistol Damage


      • -Damage to Elite
      • -Damage from Elite
      • +Enemy Armor Damage
      • +Skill Power
      • =Health
      • =Critical Hit Damage
      • =Exotic Damage Resilience
      • =All Resistance


      • -Damage from Elite
      • -Pistol Damage
      • +Critical Hit Chance
      • +Reload Speed
      • =Health
      • =Skill Haste

Other changes to stats:

      • Enemy Armor Damage is now a Major bonus and no longer a Minor.
      • Damage to Elites is now a Minor bonus and no longer a Major.
      • Damage from Elite values have been halved.
      • Pistol Damage is doubled on gloves.


With all these changes to Gear stats, here are the details of how existing gear should convert with this update.

    • If you had a native Armor bonus (not recalibrated), it will be turned into health.
    • If you had a recalibrated Armor bonus, the recalibration will reset and you will be back to the initial bonus the item had when it was acquired.
    • If you had a native Health bonus (not recalibrated), it will be turned into All Resistance.
    • If you had a recalibrated Health bonus on any other Gear Piece, the recalibration will reset.
    • If you had a recalibrated Health bonus in Chestpiece and no native armor roll on this piece, the Health roll will remain.
    • If you had a recalibrated Health bonus in Chestpiece and a native armor roll on this piece, the recalibration will reset as you would otherwise end up with 2 Health bonuses.
    • If you had a recalibrated Health bonus in any other Gear Piece, the recalibration will reset.
    • If you had a recalibrated Skill Haste bonus on your backpack, the recalibration will reset.
    • If you had a recalibrated Pistol Damage bonus on your holster, and the holster was acquired after update 1.5, the recalibration will reset.
    • If you had a recalibrated Enemy Armor Damage or Damage to Elite and the item was acquired after update 1.5, the recalibration will reset.
    • All recalibrations on Exotic weapons will reset.
    • Unique talents on Exotic weapons cannot be recalibrated.
    • Free talents on Exotic weapons that don’t have a Unique talent (Liberator, Centurion, Eir and Hildr) can be recalibrated.
    • Note that when a recalibration resets, the money spent will be reimbursed, based on the recalibration costs of Update 1.6. Since recalibration now has a cost cap, if the initial recalibration costed more, you will only be reimbursed according to this cap.

Character talents

  • On the move reduced to 15%.
  • Battle Buddy reduced to 30%.
  • Critical Save reduced to 20%.
  • Adrenaline will no longer apply Overheal. Instead it replaces the instant heal of Medkits with a heal over time that can also apply while taking damage.


  • Changes to Skill Power:
    • The Skill Power curve has been modified, resulting in less efficient skills at low Skill Power, and more efficient skills at high Skill Power.
    • Skills will now scale to the World Tier you are currently in as an “expected Skill Power” has been implemented.
    • Diminishing return on Skill Power will not kick in before 450 000 Skill Power.
    • All skills have been adapted to this new scaling.
  • Skill Haste gear bonuses have been increased by 100%.
  • Skill Haste has a cap of 50%.
  • Sticky Bomb
    • Changed Flashbang mod to have only a flashbang effect.
    • Replaced the Proximity Fuse mod with Disruptor, which has an EMP effect. Its explosion radius has been increased to 9 meters.
    • Added warning and delay to Sticky Bomb. This means that Sticky Bombs, except for Disruptor, will no longer detonate immediately, but after some time.
  • First Aid
    • Defibrillator will now heal in 2 steps, one instant burst of healing following by a heal over time.
    • Booster Shot: Damage Mitigation bonus decreased by 50% from 15% to 7.5%.
  • Turret
    • Shock Turret will no longer deal any damage and only shock the enemy.
    • Base skill and Active Sensor: Range decreased from 35 meters to 25 meters.
    • All mods except Shock: Base health reduced by 25%.
    • All mods: Skill Power impact on health reduced.
  • Mobile Cover
    • All mods: Base cooldown increased by 33%.
  • Pulse
    • Reduced impact of Skill Power on Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage.
    • Tactical Scanner
      • Critical Hit Chance increased by +20%.
      • Critical Hit Damage reduced by -11%.
  • Smart Cover
    • Damage Resilience decreased by 33%.
    • Reduced impact of Skill Power on Damage Resilience.
    • All mods: Base cooldown increased by 9%.
  • Seeker Mine
    • All mods: Added a PvP damage modifier that applies to all PvP activities, to reduce its potency. The multiplier is set to 40%.
    • Base cooldown increased by 17%.
    • Cluster
      • The stagger effect has been removed. Explosion damage has been decreased, bleed damage has been increased.
  • Support Station
    • All mods: Radius decreased from 8 meters to 7,5 meters.
    • Life Support: Revive time increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.
    • Support Station heal procs have a 1 second cooldown.
  • Signature Skills:
    • The exhaust that applies after a player received a Signature Skill effect is extended to 60 seconds (from 30 seconds).
    • Players will no longer be able to trigger a Signature Skill if they are under the exhaust effect from a previous application.
    • Signature Skills cooldown will now be affected by Skill Haste.
    • Tactical Link
      • Damage bonus is decreased to 10% in Last Stand. (this change doesn’t apply outside of Last Stand, where the bonus remains at 30%).
      • Weapon Stability will be more hindered by the rate of fire bonus.

Gear Sets

  • D3-FNC
    • 4 pieces: When used, your Ballistic Shield has no skill mod active. It will no longer remove Critical Chance from your weapon.
    • Characters will now automatically switch to their sidearm if the SMG runs out of ammo.
  • Reclaimer
    • 2 pieces: +30% Support Station range.
    • 3 pieces: +50% Support Station duration.
    • 4 pieces: All Support Station mods are active at the same time.
  • AlphaBridge
    • 4 pieces: Now only provides the 3rd (free) talent of the unused weapon instead of all three. All talents ignore unlock requirements.
  • Tactician’s Authority
    • 2 pieces: +15% Skill Haste.
    • 4 pieces: Now consumes the skill power buff on skill use instead of after 10 seconds.
  • Banshee’s Shadow
    • 4 pieces:
      • While Rogue, all ammo is completely refilled every 30 seconds. Damage taken from non-rogue players reduced by 10%. (no change)
      • While not Rogue, Damage to Rogue players is increased by 10%. This bonus is increased to 20% for 10 minutes after being killed by a rogue.
  • Deadeye
    • 4 pieces: Now only works with zoomed scopes.


  • High-End Named items become Exotic:
    • This quality comes with a new item color.
    • Exotic weapons have been removed from the Advanced Weaponry Vendor.
    • Updates sources for Exotics: Some sources have been moved around. We also added more sources with chances to drop any Exotic.
    • Exotics Caches have been added to the game. These guarantee an Exotic item when opened.
  • Phoenix Credits cap has been increased from 2000 to 5000.
  • The scavenger box in the Base of Operations will now properly scale with world tier.
  • Weekly Assignment Caches will now guarantee an Exotic item.
  • Exotic items sold at Vendors have had their prices slightly increased.
  • Gear Set items have been lowered to be equivalent to High End prices.


  • Recalibrations are now unlimited. This means that once a stat is picked for recalibration, it can be recalibrated as many times at the player has currency to pay for it. The cost will increase at first but eventually cap and no longer increase.


  • Base damage on all weapons has been reduced to balance correctly with the reduced damage mitigation from the change to Armor (note that NPC health and damage has also been adapted to preserve the Time to Kill and Time to be Killed values pre 1.6).
  • SMGs have been given back their Critical Hit Chance, with a maximum roll of around 22%.
  • Coolheaded will now have a small cooldown to not trigger repeatedly with automatic weapons.
  • L86
    • Base Damage increased by 4%.
    • Damage falloff at range reduced by 40%.
  • Provident talent: The last bullet of a magazine deals 10% more damage. (Instead of 60%)

Named Weapons

  • All Named Weapons are now of Exotic Quality.
  • Exotic weapons now each have a unique talent in the 3rd free slot. The other 2 talents are rolled randomly from the list of talents available to this weapon type.
  • Exotic weapons owned pre-Update 1.6 will have the new unique talent added and their remaining talents randomly rerolled.
  • Exotic weapon talents are not transferred to the other weapon when using AlphaBridge.
  • Exotic talents cannot be recalibrated. See above for more information about how recalibration works for legacy items.
  • Exotic weapons each received a unique descriptive lore text in their UI.
  • Some Exotic Weapons now function as Gear Sets: The unique talent unlocks when two specific Exotic weapons are equipped.
  • FAMAS is now an Exotic weapon and Uncomplicated its unique talent. It has been renamed Bullfrog.
    • Base damage increased by 11.7%.
  • Tommy Gun
    • Carefree: Hipfire damage is increased by 11%.
  • Medved
    • Center Mass: Shoots heavy slugs instead of buckshot.
  • Hungry Hog
    • Glutton: Killing a target increases your damage dealt by 10% until you stop firing. Multiple kills stack this bonus up to 5 times.
  • Tenebrae
    • Lights out: Destroying an enemy weak point resets skill cooldowns for you and your nearby group members. This talent has a 10 second cooldown.
  • Pakhan
    • Pakhan: Each kill makes the next reload have 20% extra bullets compared to its base.
  • Liberator & Centurion (Weapon Gear Set)
    • Free Republic: Each shot with the Liberator grabts +5% to you next headshot damage with the Centurion. Max is 200%. Kills with the Centurion grant +10% RPM to all weapons for 10 seconds.
  • Valkyria becomes Hildr & Eir (Weapon Gear Set)
    • Valkyria: Each hit with Hildr increases critical hit damage by 1% to a max of 30. The bonus decreases by 1 every second. This bonus only applies to Eir.
    • Hildr cannot crit.
  • Cassidy
    • Boomstick: Double trigger fires off both barrels in short succession.
  • Urban MDR
    • Base damage increased by 65%.
    • Distracted: Your damage is increased by 18% against targets with status effects.
  • Warlord
    • Play rough: Damage taken is reduced by 20% while firing. The taken damage is applied when you stop firing.
  • Thompson M1928
    • Carefree: Hipfire damage is increased by 11%.
  • Damascus
    • Quickdraw: When drawn weapon damage is increased by 20% for 2 seconds. After that weapon damage is decreased by 20%.
  • Golden Rhino
    Golden Rhino: Increase stagger by 200%.
  • Historian
    History repeats: Each bullet embers itself in the target and detonates 2 seconds later for 700% of the user’s Firearms.
  • Caduceus
    • Caduceus: Each Critical Hit heals you and your group for 1% of the user’s Skill Power. This talent has a 0.2 seconds cooldown. A player can only be healed by one Caduceus at a time.
  • Midas
    • Midas: Each bullet you hit with reduces your damage by 1% and your target’s damage by 1% to a max of 20%. The effect is reduced by 5% per second.
  • Showstopper
    • Base damage increased by 11%.

Open World

  • Civilians will now always drop Target Intel when helped.
  • Collectibles will now reward players with more XP when picked up at level 30.


  • Crafting High End pistols will no longer cost Division Tech
  • Updated Survival Cache content: it no longer has a specific drop that weights towards weapons introduced in Survival and has a more generic drop instead. Exotic items have a small chance to drop as a bonus.
  • Reviving players from downed state will now cost a Medkit.
  • When matchmaking in Solo PvP Survival, players will end up in a guaranteed Solo instance where grouping is not possible.
  • Players can no longer “loot and kill” other downed players in PvE Survival.
  • Supplies available around the different spawn hideouts have been rebalanced.


  • Killing NPCs will now grant Underground XP instead of normal XP. This means that players will no longer earn normal XP when playing Underground.
  • Underground Caches now guarantee two items instead of one. Exotic items have a small chance to drop as a bonus.


  • Increased the Weekly Rewards on all Challenging and Heroic Incursions.


  • [PC Only] Several improvements and bug fixes made to gamepad support on PC.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes consumables would not be consumed when used in Survival mode or normal gameplay.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would return an incorrect out of playable map area error in DZ06.
  • Fixed a bug where the UI would incorrectly reflect the protection bonus from Hunter’s Faith. gear set talent when two or more players had the 4-piece bonus active while in close proximity.
  • Fixed a bug where players could accidentally use consumables while browsing the emote wheel.
  • Fixed a bug where the Pulse Master skill would not always trigger the early warning for hostile characters.
  • Fixed several instances of Ballistic Shield becoming unusable.
  • Fixed a bug where Recovery Link would not trigger correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where players would be unable to do anything for a few seconds after using a skill.
  • Fixed a bug where the UI QuickNav function would not work properly.
  • Fixed a bug where crafting material quality would not scale properly with world tier.
  • Fixed a bug on PlayStation 4 where players would be stuck in infinite loading.
  • Fixed a bug where weapon talents would not activate if the character attribute values were equal, but not higher than the requirements.
  • Fixed several instances of delay when using First Aid.
  • Fixed a bug where Vigorous talent would not work properly.
  • Fixed a bug where players would be able to use consumables infinitely.
  • Fixed a bug where the Competent weapon talent would not work for certain skills.
  • Fixed a bug where the Coolheaded weapon talent would reduce consumable duration.
  • Fixed a bug where the NPC audio would not work after ending a Survival game mode session.
  • Fixed a bug where a Favorited item could be accidentally marked as junk.
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs would often get perfect aim.
  • Fixed a bug where mods could be unequipped randomly when relogging into the game.
  • Fixed a bug with Mobile Cover where talents Adept, Competent and Capable would stay active until either the cover was destroyed or the player changed cover.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the player would lose input functionality after closing the stash.
  • Fixed a bug where the Signature skill cooldown would not update on the party’s UI if used outside of party range.
  • Fixed a bug with the Chromatic aberration graphical setting.
  • Fixed a bug where crafted level 34 extended magazines would roll with lower stats than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where the Nimble talent could revive the player from a downed/dead state.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies would be stuck behind a door during a mission in the Garment District.
  • Fixed a bug where Brycce Thompson would randomly repeat some of his lines even after the player completes the related mission.
  • Fixed several instances of FPS drops and freezes.

Star Citizen Patch v2.6.1

Star Citizen Patch v2.6.1

Welcome to 2.6.1! This patch is primarily dedicated to bug fixes, targeting Star Marine and Arena Commander in particular. However we also have made some quality of life improvements for the game, updates to Spectator Mode, and new implementations of our ongoing network code updates.

Your launcher should show “2.6.1-506099” as the client version. It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Live client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Cloud Imperium Games\StarCitizen\Public.

Please review our current list of Patch 2.6.1 Known Issues, and take full advantage of our Issue Council area of the Community site to report any bugs you encounter, as well as contribute to other players submissions.

Important Issues:

    • For users encountering GPU Related crashes on NVIDIA cards, please ensure that you have performed a clean driver installation of driver version 378.66!
    • The “Contacts List” button on the Universe page does not work.
    • Hangar flair item are not persisting through client restarts.
    • Players may experience excessive desync when interacting with the Greycat Buggy.

New Features

Game Systems:

Arena Commander Balance Changes

  • To unify scoring with Star Marine, player kills are now scored separately to Vehicle Damage.
  • Revenge kills and Resurgence awards have been removed from Arena Commander for the moment.
  • Lowered the spawn rate of pirates in Pirate Swarm slightly to provide a less drastic difficulty curve.
  • Improved the weapons issued to the Aces in Pirate Swarm mode.
  • The number of missiles and countermeasures awarded from pickups in Arena Commander game modes have been lowered.
  • Only currently dead players will be resurrected after a boss wave in Multiplayer Pirate or Vanduul Swarm, no additional lives will be provided.
    • This is to better balance the modes now that repair and restock pickups are available in the game mode.
  • Suicide in Arena Commander now carries a score of -200 points.
  • Updated the shields and fuel for the Constellation variant in Pirate Swarm.

Star Marine Balance Changes

  • Revenge kills and Resurgence awards have been removed from Star Marine for the moment.
  • In-match loadout customization is now implemented!
    • During a Star Marine match, while your character is dead, you will have the option to change out your loadout before respawning.
  • Additional dialog lines during matches have been added.
  • FPS weapons have received a balance pass to improve viability.
  • Added a +25 Hemorrhage scoring bonus for causing another player to bleed.
    • This bonus is not awarded if you cause yourself to bleed.
  • Multiple changes have been made to both OP Station Demien and Echo Eleven maps.
    • These changes are to help prevent spawn camping and balance times between control points, as well as plugging up exploits.


  • In-game leaderboards are now implemented for both Arena Commander and Star Marine, so you can now review your standings in any given game mode within the game client!

Spectator Mode and Camera Changes

  • With 2.6.1, we have made vast improvements to camera behavior and now allow players to enter our Pure Spectator Mode.
  • Pure Spectator Mode can now be entered through Private lobbies by starting a match by checking the “Join as Spectator” box next at the bottom of the screen.
  • There are new cinematic submodes available to Spectator Mode, including First Person View and Focused Action Cam.
  • Cinematic cameras, in and out of Pure Spectator Mode, should now better align with the player you are watching.
    • This includes ensuring your target is facing upright, and behaving appropriately when encountering walls or barriers.
  • Cameras should now properly Save and Load views regardless of map or mode type excluding Crusader.
  • Advanced Camera Controls have been improved to be more precise and smoother in transition.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not move or adjust their camera if they died while exiting their ship.
  • Made saving and loading of cameras persist between game sessions.


  • The Super Hornet has received a full visual update, encompassing art, animation, damage states, and VFX.
  • Ship weapons, mounts, and turrets have received a health buff so they won’t be as easily destroyed by splash damage.
  • The jerk levels of ships should now better scale with boost.
  • Ship SCM speeds have been re-adjusted to provide a greater range of speed between ships.
  • Projectile speeds have been tweaked, so that targeting pips of different weapon types will be closer together for easier targeting.
  • The Retaliator, Starfarer, and the 85x have had a pass to improve interior culling and graphic performance.
  • The Mustang series has had an optimization pass to improve graphical performance.
  • Pilot facial idle animations have been added for all ship variants!


Groundwork aspects of our ongoing network refactor have come online – the first iteration of Network Message Ordering.

  • Strictly Ordered Network Messaging moves the game away from CryNetwork client-server handling of networked objects, over to our new token system with a strict priority system for managing messaging between client and server nodes.

Mega Map

  • The new Mega Map system allows for much quicker loading time when switching between maps.
  • In this initial release it will only be enabled for single player maps (Hangars and single-player Arena Commander), but we will be expanding this to include multiplayer maps in a future release.

Multi-Region Servers

  • We now have servers available in the US, Europe, and Australia!
  • You can choose what region you would like to connect to via an optional drop-down, when connecting to any multiplayer instance.
  • Selecting “All” will currently default to the best available region, but that will change as we build and improve on the functionality of our region support.

Updates and Fixes

Star Systems:


  • Fixed a number of lighting culling issues in Port Olisar EZ Hab.
  • Fixed an issue where the Crusader ASOP terminal would sometimes incorrectly provide a “All Pads are Full” message.
    • This does not fix issues where the landing pads are blocked by debris from destroyed ships, or full from disused ships not despawning.
  • Fixed the missing audio for the weapons shop door in GrimHEX.
  • Improved the atmospheric audio around GrimHEX and the Crusader shops.
  • Fixed an issue with the GrimHEX lift audio would play in a continuous loop.
  • Removed the scavenging sites from the asteroids around the ICC Probe Mission 2.
  • Fixed a number of issues with missing audio for the Yela wreckage sites.

Area 18, ArcCorp

  • NPCs in customs now have a selection of random animations instead of being very creepily synchronized.


  • Fixed some audio clipping problems in Revel & York Hangar.
  • Fixed an issue where part of the Khartu-Al flair model was sticking out of the display case.
  • Fixed a number of lighting issues on the three Race maps.
  • Fixed a number of lighting issues in the VFG Industrial and Aeroview Hangar.
  • Removed the elevator UI from the Hangar elevator.
    • Users will need to proceed through the game menus to transition from Hangar to ArcCorp or Crusader.

Game Systems:

Arena Commander

  • General Bug Fixes
    • The size of Pickups (repair/refuel/reload) in Arena Commander should now scale based on distance from player, rather then distance of the camera.
    • Fixed an issue where the characters head would disappear after their ship was destroyed.
    • Stage cameras for Spectate mode in Arena Commander maps should now be correctly accessible.
    • Fixed an issue where players in Arena Commander games could not go into the negatives on their score.
    • Fixed an issue where ships damaged or killed via missiles were granting excessive score.
    • Audio cues have been added for collecting pickups in Squadron Battle.
  • Race Mode
    • Fixed a number of shader issues in Old Vanderval that would trigger screen tearing before the first checkpoint.
    • Removed the invincible antenna that protruded from buildings into the primary race routes on all tracks.
  • Pirate and Vanduul Swarm
    • Fixed an issue where a second Warlord would sometimes spawn in Vanduul Swarm after Wave 3.
    • Fixed some issues with the Vanduul Swarm AI flying into the map boundary too often.
    • Pirate Gladiator’s in Pirate Swarm now have the correct paint job.
  • UI
    • Fixed an issue where the kill feed in Pirate Swarm would sometimes show the same kill twice.
    • Fixed the naming and numbering conventions for the AI pilots in Pirate Swarm.
    • Fixed an issue where completing Pirate Swarm, Wave 18 would give the “defeat” message.
    • The UI for the Arena Commander Loadout customization has received a polish pass to clean up minor visual style problems and ensure consistent behavior.

Star Marine

  • Audio
    • Fixed an issue in OP Station Demien where external audio could be heard in the Mess Hall.
    • The audio from grenade impact collision has been made much more audible.
    • The audio for grenade hold (the cooking beep) has a shorter range.
    • Made a number of tweaks to footstep audio in both Echo Eleven and OP Station Demien.
    • Fixed an issue where player death audio would play twice while in third-person camera view.
    • Fixed an issue where the “Respawning” audio would play too soon.
    • Star Marine simulation voices should now be correctly adjusted by the announcer audio option in game menus.
    • Fixed an issue where the audio in multiplayer matches would become corrupted in very large firefights.
    • Made many small audio tweaks throughout OP Station Demien.
    • Idle audio for the MediPen dispensers in Echo Eleven have been added to match those on OP Station Demien.
  • Fixed a number of dialog cues for the announcer when a match ends in a draw.


  • General Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where dead players could sometimes continue capturing a point in Last Stand.
    • Fixed an issue where the explosive canisters in OP Station Demien and Echo Eleven would fall through the map after exploding.
    • Fixed an issue where a match would go into a fourth round if one round in Last Stand had ended in a draw, even if the other two rounds had been won by the same team.
    • Made some changes to the death camera in Star Marine to prevent instances of the camera going through collision or the player body.
    • Fixed a number of small collision issues with props around OP Station Demien.
    • Fixed an issue where the light sources on Echo Eleven would sometimes follow players around in EVA.
    • Fixed some issues with projectile bounce and ricochet in Echo Eleven.
    • Many cosmetic art updates and tweaks have been made to OP Station Demien and Echo Eleven.
    • Fixed an issue where the radar and weapon sights would not reappear after respawn in Star Marine.
  • Loadout Customization
    • Fixed an issue where the loadout customization would sometimes lock players out from entering a Private match.
    • Fixed an issue where all the weapon images were missing scopes in loadout customization.
    • Fixed an issue where players could quickly toggle between teams and end up in the loadout of the opposite team.
    • Fixed an issue where players could acquire 2 or more primary weapons on a Light loadout if the drop action was interrupted prematurely.
    • The Star Marine models in the loadout editor now move and scale more appropriately for the screen resolution.
  • Scoreboard/Leaderboard
    • Fixed an issue where the scoreboard would remember the number of kills between rounds, allowing players to get a revenge kill at the start of a round.
    • Players will now be correctly penalized for suicide, even if they have recently been damaged by an enemy.
  • UI
    • UI notifications for control points having been taken or lost in Last Stand are much more prominent.
    • Score notifications now appear when a character suicides.
    • Made the friendly/hostile player indicator (known colloquially as “The Dorito”) less immediately visible, and fixed a number of issues where the indicator for Hostile players was visible despite no line of sight.
    • Grenade indicator now appears as soon as a nearby grenade is armed, not just when it is thrown.
    • Players who are dead at the end of a round will now be able to correctly see the results and scoreboard.
    • Fixed an issue where grenades were missing from Visor HUDs.

Social Module

  • Parties formed for private Star Marine and Arena Commander matches should now persist match-to-match rather then break up after a single match.
  • Chat will now work correctly inside of Arena Commander and Star Marine lobbies.
  • Fixed an issue where all contacts would appear as “Online” inside of a Star Marine lobby, regardless of their actual status.
  • Fixed an issue where players could talk or type in the chat window even when it appeared disabled and hidden.
    • This caused a number of issues with players loosing control of their characters during the match.
  • Fixed an issue where the /addignore would not correctly ignore tells from the ignored player.
  • Fixed an issue where accepting a party invite to a Star Marine or Arena Commander match would not correctly pull the player from PU or Hangar.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not accept or decline a game invite while on the Arena Commander loadout editor screen.


  • Some ships had unlimited and near-instant acceleration in decoupled mode. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Rattler missile would fail to deploy rockets.
  • Fixed an issue where players would hear the ship start up audio on respawn, if they died while piloting the Sabre Comet, Gladius Valiant, Hornet Wildfire, or Avenger Titan Renegade.
  • Fixed an issue where the self-destruct audio siren would sometimes not trigger.
  • Fixed an issue where the look reticle would incorrectly reappear after cycling cameras, even if gimbal lock was active.
  • Made some tweaks to the audio for shield activation and deactivation.

Individual Ships

  • 300 Series
    • Size 1-3 missile racks can now be equipped on the 300i, 315p, and 325a variants, as appropriate for their respective available hardpoints.
  • 85x
    • Fixed an issue where the pilot arms would look highly stretched or out of position from the flight yoke.
  • Argo MPUV
    • Fixed an issue where the interior cockpit glass would reflect the exterior environment.
  • Aurora (All)
    • Fixed an issue where the landing gear would disappear instead of going through the correct retraction animations.
    • All Aurora variants can now equip Size 1-4 missiles, as appropriate for their respective available hardpoints.
  • Caterpillar
    • Certain ship animations could be interrupted prematurely, causing some issues with doorways and elevators. This has been fixed.
    • Fixed a number of animation issues with the rear turret of the Caterpillar.
    • Made some changes to the VFX flashes of Caterpillar shields being hit for better pilot visibility.
    • Fixed an issue where the interior of the ship would seem to disappear when looking back into the ship from cargo module 01.
  • Constellation Phoenix
    • The toilet can now be accessed.
  • Cutlass Black
    • Improved the audio mix for the Cutlass thrusters.
    • Fixed a number of issues with missing collision audio for the Cutlass.
    • Fixed an issue where the Cutlass Black thrusters were missing VFX.
  • Freelancer
    • Fixed an issue where the UI prompt to open the side door on the ship and the prompt to climb the ladder were both missing.
  • Gladius
    • Fixed a number of collision issues with the pilots left arm.
  • Herald
    • Fixed an issue where the interior of the ship would disappear if you stood in a specific location.
    • Made some visual tweaks to the Herald thrusters VFX.
    • Fixed an issue where a Herald pilot would lose control of the ship if another player sat in the copilot seat.
  • Hornet (All)
    • Fixed an issue where the bottom maneuvering thrusters were invisible.
    • Fixed an issue where the exhaust over the top rear right maneuvering thruster was misaligned.
  • P-52 Merlin
    • Added missing thruster deactivation audio.
  • Reliant
    • Fixed an issue with the Reliant thruster audio was not playing correctly.
  • Vanduul Scythe
    • Fixed an issue where the cockpit audio was out of sync with the entry and start up animations.
  • Vanguard (All)
    • Fixed an issue where visareas in a map would be visible when viewed through the cockpit window.
    • Fixed an issue where the interior lighting of the Vanguard Warden and Hoplite were part of the exterior prefab.
  • Vanguard Hoplite
    • Fixed an issue where the right-hand weapon on the Vanguard turret wasn’t pitching or animating correctly.

First Person:

  • Bullets should now appropriately penetrate limbs to hit other targets in applicable situations.
  • Projectile mass has been lowered to prevent the moving of corpses via gunfire.
  • Fixed an issue where one player could shoot the gun of another player if they both picked up the gun at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where the gun magazine could become offset if the character was looking around excessively while reloading.
  • Fixed an issue where sprint would not continue if shift was held while transitioning in and our of EVA.
  • Fixed an issue where the character animations could break while trying on clothing.

Weapons and Combat

  • Fixed an issue where combat signals would animate in contorted ways when holding an energy rifle.
  • Fixed an issue with the low cover pistol animations for characters.
  • Fixed an issue where character models would stretch and warp when unholstering and entering ragdoll.
  • Fixed an issue where hit reactions would play for damage taken by bleedout.
  • Fixed an issue where a character would be locked into aim-down-sights if they transitioned out of EVA while aiming down sights.
  • Made some tweaks to the blood splatter visual effects when shot.
  • Improved charging sound while in depressurized environments for the Arrowhead Sniper Rifle.

General Animations

  • Fixed an issue where players could pass through a wall by vaulting over a nearby object.
    • Players will now be blocked from vaulting if they would land inside of geometry.
  • Fixed an issue with the animations when a character would heal while on a ladder.
  • Fixed an issue where character faces would continue animating after death.
  • Cleaned up the leg animation transitions when a character jumps while moving.
  • Fixed an issue where rolling while prone and in the third person camera would cause excessive camera rotation.

User Interface:

  • Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor was offset from the actual visual location whenever client screen resolution was not at 16:9.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ship Computer Verbosity in the audio options would reset after a client restart.
  • Players can now disable the cinematic missile chase camera in the game options menu.
    • Game Settings → Cinematic Cameras
  • Added a warning message when a lobby or party invite is sent to a player who is already in a lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Switch Teams” button was present in private matches, even when the game mode was not set for a “team” game.
  • The updated pause/ESC menu has been implemented.

Player HUD

  • Trying on a flightsuit or armor in the shops will no longer cause the first person HUD to start floating.
  • Fixed an issue where the helmet radar would disappear after exiting a vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where several armor suits had two radar displays hooked up.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing “F10” while a dead would result in the character and helmet disappearing.
  • Fixed the mobiGlas visor so it would no longer clip out of frame at different resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue where viewing the mobiGlas in 3rd person would make the players head and helmet disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD warning for a incoming missile would not disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not move or adjust their camera if they died while exiting their ship.
  • Added a MediPen count to the player HUD.


  • Coupled and Decoupled space brake can now be bound to separate or the same keybinding based on user preference, they are not automatically bound to the same key.
  • Prone and Crouch can now work correctly as either a toggle or hold, and the keybinding for both can be edited in the Keybindings again.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not crouch on the default XBOX 360 control mapping.


  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes load into Star Marine Elimination with a persistent black screen.
  • Fixed a number of client crashes in Arena Commander, Star Marine, Crusader and Hangar.
  • Fixed a number of server crashes.
  • Fixed a number of performance issues related to the Drake Caterpillar.
  • Made a cleanup pass on graphic detail levels for the Broken Moon map to improve performance.


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EVE Online – Ascension Patch Notes


Patch notes for EVE Online: Ascension

Features & Changes


The new EVE Online: Ascension Expansion Theme (2016) is available.

Hooked up some new sounds when docking in stations; one for each race.

Clone States and Free EVE Online

EVE characters will be assigned one of two distinct clone states: Alpha or Omega

Accounts with an active subscription and their corresponding characters will be assigned the Omega Clone State and will work the same as subscribed characters have previously.

Unsubscribed accounts and their corresponding characters will now fall into Alpha State, which allows free access to EVE Online using a specific list of skills and skill levels.

Omega Clone State

  • Assigned to all characters on subscribed accounts
  • Faster training rate and longer skill queue than Alpha State
  • Allowed to train and use all skills, ships and modules

Alpha Clone State

  • Assigned to all characters on unsubscribed accounts
  • May train and use skills from a specific list which focus on Frigates, Destroyers, and Cruisers along with basic Industry ships
  • List of allowed skills varies depending on character faction
  • If you are returning after lapse, the faction chosen at character creation will be used to determine which skill list you have as an Alpha
  • Accounts lapsing from Omega to Alpha will have their training queue paused and will have previously trained skills outside the Alpha set disabled until subscription is renewed
  • Alpha characters may not be logged in simultaneously from the same location as other active EVE Online clients. For details please see our End User License Agreement

Account services such as PLEX, Multiple Character Training, and Skill Trading are available to characters of both Clone States, which the exception that characters in the Alpha State may not extract skills from the Alpha skill set.

For more information on Clone States, including the Alpha skill list, FAQs, and community discussion, see these Dev Blogs:

Drones & Fighters

  • New mining drones (including an ‘Excavator’ Mining Superdrone and the first ever ice mining drones) have been added, new mining drone skills have been introduced.
  • Existing mining drones have been rebalanced.
  • Further information is available in this dev blog.


  • The drop rate of Small Ancillary Armor Repairer blueprints in data sites have been increased.


New explosions that will blow you away!

Sub-capital ship-wrecks have been redesigned.

A fourth level of detail has been added to improve graphics performance.